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November blues are here but no need to fear

November 9, 2010 | Jorge | Comments (2)


What are the first few words that you think of when someone brings up the month of November?  I quickly asked staff at the Barbara Frum Library and their responses were surprisingly similar: cold and colder, fall and leaves falling, dark and darker, and remembering lost ones and Remembrance Day.  Some even went as far as calling it “Novembrance.”  

That’s some depressing stuff, isn’t it?

But why get consumed by an inescapable time of the year unless, of course, you’ve carved out enough resources to vacation down south?  Instead, why not take it for what it is and accept that mourning and colder weather is an essential part of our Canadian lives.

So now you may ask: how do we accept the melancholy while remaining happy with our lives?  There is no simple answer but I swear before my very own eyes that I witnessed it at the 30th Annual Holocaust Education Week hosted at the Barbara Frum Library.

On a chilly fall afternoon, it was paradoxical to see smiling faces and chuckles throughout a completely filled room.  Maybe it was Susan Papp’s creative production skill or something else in the air, but for a historically sensitive issue, it was amazing to see how many people came out to show their support in smiles and pride.

Holocaust Education Week at the Toronto Public Library ends today with a presentation at College/Shaw Library.  For other Holocaust Education Week programs outside the library, see the webpage for the Holocaust Centre of Toronto.

You can also borrow Outcasts: A love story, the print version of the film screened at the Barbara Frum Library on November 3.  Just click the book image below to make your request.



         Outcasts: A love Story


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