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Did you know the library has ears?

November 16, 2010 | Jorge | Comments (1)

Yes, I said the library has ears and not books about ears (although we have that too). 
How and why does the library have ears you may ask?  Just like ears, which most mammals use as receptors of sound and hearing, the library has advisory group meetings where library users can make suggestions and express their opinions on library-related topics concerning them.

So the library's advisory groups are like the organs from which value-added comments are received and transmitted, the same way in which our ears receive sound around us. 

But unlike our ears, which for the most part are identical, the library has different types of ears.

Ear type 1: meet the Centennial Library’s Youth Advisory Group or “YAG at CE” for short.  YAG members at the Centennial Library meet every Thursday from 4-7 PM.  The group has been involved with some impressive art work which have displayed on library walls.  At some meetings, special guest speakers are invited to talk about a wide array of topics that interest teens.  See the program details for more information!

Or, YAG at the Barbara Frum Library, is another great example of ‘ear type 1’.  The group meets once a month to discuss some ‘youthful’ topics.  The group is involved with the teen bulletin display and they also offer suggestions for monthly teen programs.  Did you also know that teens who are members of YAG also receive volunteer hours that can be used to chip away at their graduation requirements?  See the program details for more information.

Or ear type 2, the newly founded Seniors Group at the Barbara Frum Library.  The group is a cadre of older adults in the Bathurst & Lawrence community that inform the library primarily about library programs.  At the last monthly meeting in early November, the group spoke about their favourite movies of all time.  Word is that next year; a few of these titles will be selected and screened in celebration of senior’s month in June.  See the program details for upcoming meeting times and more information. 


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