Camp Blood: Wicked Women

October 30, 2017 | Cameron

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Here at Camp Blood we really enjoy how horror movies can be political and make changes toward social betterment. We also like them as sometimes the killer/bad guy is in fact a bad girl. Here are a few films that feature female leads who are busy getting down with their bad selves.

Let meinLet Me In

This American remake is about a young boy who is bullied. He makes a friend with this girl who vows to protect him if he will help to take care of her. The twist is that the young girl is in fact a vampire and the boy does not really have a true understanding of what he is getting himself into.




PerfectsistersPerfect Sisters

Based on the infamous "Bathtub girls" case (which took place here in Ontario in 2003) this film is about two neglected sisters who take it upon themselves to get vengeance against their mother. They almost commit the perfect crime and get away with it. This is a tight and riveting true crime movie that will make you want to learn more about the events it is based upon.


SisterhoodThe Sisterhood of the Night

When a teenage girl says she's the victim of a secret network called The Sisterhood of Night, a quiet suburban town becomes the backdrop for a modern-day Salem witch trial. This contemporary thriller examines how the world has changed due to the internet and what can happen to young women if they "go off the grid"




All of these films are available to borrow through Hoopla with an up-to-date library card and a live internet connection.