Camp Blood: Oh Canada!

October 2, 2017 | Cameron

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Here at Camp Blood we keep our eyes out for different themes or genres to help you the viewer enjoy your horror movie experience. It is once again October and that means only one thing - Halloween. So here are some Canadian made horror films to help keep you up at night.

Dead-ringers-theredlistDead Ringers- David Cronenberg

David Cronengerg is one of Canada's most famous film maker. He is also probably one of the creepiest, as he is never one to shy away from unusual or strange topics. In this unnerving film we have two twin brothers (played by Jeremy Irons) who are suffering from a form of "Folie a deux". The brothers are both doctors and work together on female reproductive issues. The one has a girlfriend and is more than willing to share her with his brother - unbeknownst to her. The two of them also like to use archaic devices in the gynecological practices.


BlackchristmasBlack Christmas - Bob Clark

This film is one that time forgot and was eventually ripped off by John Carpenter and his seminal film "Halloween". However as this is one very creepy and effective movie time didn't allow it to remain a hidden gem and it has since been remade and made available in it's original form. This film is very Toronto based although it is suppose to be set in Boston. Simple plot - killer breaks into sorority house and terrorizes the girls. But it is the style and the attention to details that really make this little gem so worth watching. Also features a very young Margot Kidder before her superman days began.


  FinaldestinationFinal Destination 3 - James Wong

This film is not entirely a Canadian production but it was shot in B.C. and features a lot of Canadian talent. This is also the first film to be released as a "choose your own adventure" when it was made available on home video. Alas, here you can only watch the original directors cut. Simple story about how death has a plan and when that plan goes awry death works in a elaborate "rube goldbergs" in order to set everything back to how it is supposed to be. This film is loads of fun and features a young Mary Elizabeth Winstead who has since gone on to be a "scream queen".



All of these films are available through Hoopla with your library card and a live internet connection.