Camp Blood: is that supposed to be funny?

October 9, 2017 | Cameron

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Camp Blood enjoys a good laugh now and then and what is funnier than things that are usually not meant to be funny? This segment we will look at scary movies that have a dark humor edge to them. However, be warned the content of these movies still verges on blood and gore and will not be appropriate for all.

What_We_Do_in_the_Shadows_posterWhat we do in the shadows- Jermaine Clement

This documentary takes a hard look at 5 generations of vampires who live together in the same house. What do they do all day? How do they get along? Can you really stop the generation gap? This very tongue in cheek little movie is a macabre look at what vampires get up to in their personal lives and friendships when they are not on the quest for blood. Created by one of the minds behind "Flight of the Concords".



Seed_Of_Chucky_2Seed of Chucky- Don Mancini

Originally the "Child's Play" series was meant to make fun of the whole Cabbage patch kid frenzy. Yet 30 years later and it is one of the only horror franchises that has bothered to keep an eye to detail and to plot action. This is in large part due to the fact that Don Mancini has been involved in almost every film except for the 3rd installment. However, this 5th film is an odd one at best, the plot is strange, the concepts are odd and really the entire premise of dolls being able to reproduce is a little icky. Still there are plenty of laughs and it even includes a cameo of filmmaker John Waters.



FacultyThe Faculty - Robert Rodriguez

Penned by Kevin Williamson of "Scream" fame this charming little horromedy is based on "The Invasion of the Body Snatcher" and it cleverly critiques high school and the popular kids versus the not-so-popular kids. Set at an all around middle of America school where strange things start to happen and one group of kids (made up of different archetypes) have to work together in order to stop the invasion.



All of these movies are available through Hoopla with a library card and a live internet connection.