Camp Blood: home invasions

October 16, 2017 | Cameron

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Home invasion thrillers have always been fascinating to those of us here at Camp Blood as they force film makers to be more creative as their characters are trapped in a limited space. Also usually these films have way more character development and therefore a bigger scare and payoff at the end. We have vetted 3 home invasion type films for your perusal. Enjoy!

It_Follows_(poster)It Follows- David Robert Mitchell

This is more than a home invasion film, it is a complete invasion film where we have an STD (sexually transmitted demon) who will follow the last person it has been passed onto until it kills them. The best part is that the demon is invisible or can take on the form of people close to the victim. This film is really about the bond that is created among a group of friends as they try to save their friend from the demon. This film has very little blood and gore as it is an homage to old school ghost stories where they film makers relied on the viewers imagination.



FunnygamesFunny Games (US)- Michael Heneke

This is basically a shot for shot remake of the original Austrian film, by the original Austrian film maker, using the same house and setting. Oddly enough the Austrian version seems to work better, but we don't have access to that here on Hoopla so you will get the US version. Essentially a send up of the Loeb/Leopold murder - this film is about two wealthy young men who get their thrills out of torturing other wealthy families in the gated community they belong to. Lots of psychological play and we have the always watchable Naomi Watts as the matriarch in this film.



The_Blackcoat's_DaughterThe Blackcoats Daugher - Oz Perkins

Oz Perkins is the son of Anthony Perkins who is famous for the role of Norman Bates. This is Perkin's second film in the horror genre (the first was the feminist film: "I am the pretty thing that lives in the house" but it was actually made after this film) and it is a solid effort. The home invasion here is a boarding school where a girl who is left alone on reading week begins to behave strangely. The secondary plot is a girl attempting to get to the school by hitchhiking. Both girls seem odd in their own way and it all leads up to a very satisfying climax.  This film is slow paced and not of lot of blood and gore but is still will send shivers up your spine.



All three films are available through Hoopla with a library card and a live internet connection.