Parry Hotters recommended reads: Animal: the autobiography of a female body

June 26, 2017 | Cameron

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SaraYou may not have heard of revered UK comedian Sara Pascoe, but that should not stop you from reading her new book: "Animal: the autobiography of a female body". In this book she takes the reader on a journey of the female body and discuses evolution, psychology, gender constructs and her very own body. In what is a combination of autobiography and excessive humor we get to see more of Sara's wit and observations on the female experience in modern times.

Ultimately the goal of the book is to remind the reader that on some level we retain some of our natural animal capabilities and insecurities. And well really, isn't that too bad for us?

I also recommend you search her on youtube and watch her stand up. Very funny.

You can get the eBook here and the physical book here.