Parry Hotters recommended music: Jen Trynin

June 19, 2017 | Cameron

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JentyrninJennifer Trynin is an unusual anomaly in the music industry. In the early 1990's she was being courted by many different record labels. All of them wanted to sign her, all of them said she was the next big thing. You may be thinking to yourself that you have not heard of her and you are probably right. After a huge bidding war her first album was released on Warner Bros in 1994 - it was met with universal critical acclaim, but it did not really sell.

Her second album "Gun Shy, Trigger Happy" was released three years later in 1997 and once again to great critical success, but without monetary success. Her record label called it a day and so did she, following it all up almost a decade later with a memoir about the whole entire experience.

However, this album stands up and stands out as a testament as to what talented people are capable of when left to their own devices and creativity. Jen tackles many different issues on this album including romance, death, plastic surgery, etc. And each of these songs are brilliantly crafted and executed. Jen now spends her time as a working musician and living in Boston, perhaps one day she will record another album but for now we just get to enjoy this.

Available on Hoopla with a live internet connection and an up-t0-date library card.