Parry Hotter's recommended listens: Little Boots

January 2, 2017 | Cameron

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LB_social-250x250Little Boots is really Victoria Hesketh, a UK based singer/songwriter and DJ. She came onto the scene in 2008 with her first album "Hands" and this past year (2016) released her concept album "working girl". This album is a examination and inside look at the lives of woman in the contemporary working world. The album is meant to be an homage to the levels of stress, education, skills, misogyny, the glass ceiling, sexual harassment, success and failures that women face in the work place of the modern industrialized world.

She creates a luscious landscape of sounds and lyrics to examine what women go through in a day, working, being mothers, taking care of themselves and taking care of others. This album is incredible! It is thoughtful, provocative, sincere and the album plays out like a really sincere manifesto. It is very possible that this album is a spiritual biopic for Little Boots, but whatever the album means to her is probably not as important as what the album will mean to you.

You can stream this album through the libraries streaming service; Hoopla.