Parry Hotter's recommended reads: Daniel Pinkwater

November 21, 2016 | Cameron

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Daniel_pinkwater_quote01 Daniel Pinkwater, what can this humble librarian say about this man who I consider to be an absolute genius? Well, first off it is a shame that he is not Stephen King famous or Stephanie Myers famous as I feel he has just as much to offer as they do. The man is akin to a contemporary Roald Dahl in that he seems to be hesitant about relating to adults, but full force in relating to and respecting youth.

He has been writing for well over 40 years and has published over 80 titles that range from picture books, to young adult, to adult novels. He also has a regular show on NPR, has been published in the New Yorker and other fine publications and his wife Jill is also a writer and illustrator. Pinkwater is a fan of animals and has published a book on raising a puppy.

And right now for the first time ever you can get Pinkwaters' work in electronic format through the libraries overdrive service. Right now the choice does not include all 80 of his published novels but it does give you access to 9 of them (yes NINE of them). You can enjoy these books over and over and share them with your friends and family, even your cat, dog or beta fish will enjoy these works.

Of the titles available on overdrive I recommend "Lizard Music" or "Adventures of a Cat Whiskered Girl", however, this librarian cannot recommend highly enough the novel "The Snarkout boys and the Avocado of Death" as in my opinion it is his best work. Hugs.