Parry Hotter's Recommended Reads: A. Lee Martinez

November 14, 2016 | Cameron

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Profile__A_Lee_Martinez_image_midamericanorgFor those of you are are science fiction fans or fantasy fans, perhaps you have heard of Mr. Martinez, he is quite a talented writer. His first published novel; "Gil's All Fright Diner" is an epic read about Werewolves, Zombies, Vampires, Armageddon and fast food. Since then he has been writing and publishing fantastic novels with his tongue placed firmly in cheek. His books have made me LOL (laugh out loud) and reading them is not a shirts and shoes required kind of engagement.

Martinez hales originally from El Paso Texas where he grew up, he began writing around the age of 17 and he has since published 7 novels of science fiction/fantasy. His first novel was awarded an "Alex" award which is for adult books that have crossover teen appeal. He currently resides in Terrell, Texas.


His most recent novel is "The Last Adventures of Constance Verity" and you can read download it and read it as an e-book from the libraries Overdrive resource.

Constance is a lot like Sleeping Beauty in the sense that she was awarded a gift at birth, but that gift is not exactly what she wanted. She has been the world's greatest adventurer since Constancethe age of 7 and she is super tired of it. All she has been doing is saving the world over and over and over again (think Buffy) and she would like some time to herself. All Constance wants is a nice normal and boring life where she can work at a job, meet a nice guy, and just live out her life. However, it is her destiny to save the world - oh and apparently she will die doing that.

If you enjoy this novel I highly recommend you check out his other works. Available through overdrive.

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