Welcome to the Avid eReader

July 15, 2016 | Wendy B.

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Question: Is the best thing about eBooks how portable they are? Or the fact that you can change the font size at will? Or is it that you can borrow them even when the library's closed? Or that you don't have to remember to return them? 

Next question: am I a giant eBook nerd? I am! My name is Wendy. I'm a librarian at Toronto Public Library, and an avid eReader. I'm writing this blog to help keep you up to date on TPL's rapidly growing eBook (and eAudiobook and eMagazine and eMovie and eMusic) collections. I'll be posting tips and tricks for finding what you want, answers to your questions, and recommendations and reviews about interesting electronic content, both in the library's collection and outside of it

I'm also interested in hearing from you! Please post your questions, recommendations and observations in the comments. I look forward to geeking out about eBooks with you. Happy eReading!