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February 2018

Her Water Drum, Film Casting Call

February 23, 2018 | Irene | Comments (0) Facebook Twitter More...

Her Water Drum, Film casting call

An upcoming short film, directed by Jonathan Elliott.
Produced by ImagineNative and Charles Street Video.

Auditions will take place February 24th & February 25th in Toronto.
Indigenous applicants are strongly encouraged.

All roles are paid and the film will be shot on the Six Nations Reserve on April 13th-15th.

Please email or with resume,
headshot and the role you are interested in applying for. 
For the roles we have sides from the script that will be used for the auditions.



Her Water Drum is the story of Jolene, an impoverished Tuscarora woman raising
her young son David in the wake of Kira’s (her teenage daughters) disappearance.
With no answers or help from the police on the case, Jolene struggles to balance
her constant search with work, family needs and her own well-being.


JOLENE (Principal)   28-55. Indigenous Actors only. Female.

Jolene is a deeply caring, intelligent, albeit hardened woman. She has always provided for her
family through whatever means she can, sometimes to a fault. While usually hopeful, Kira’s
disappearance has left her vulnerable and angry. She finds herself torn between her
responsibilities to work and to her son David with her desire to search for Kira. As time passes,
she becomes more jaded with the justice system and begins to alienate herself from people.
While she tries to protect David from the realities of their situation, she can’t stop him from
growing up before he should. She is prone to having a hot temper. Very invested in the
well-being of those she cares about.

DAVID (Principal) 5-12. Indigenous Actors only. Male.

David is a loud, wild and aggressive child. He constantly throws himself into creating and
playing in a fantasy world of knights and dragons as a coping mechanism for the loss of his
older sister. While he outwardly is defiant, he has a greater understanding of the situation then
people give him credit for. Afraid to fully express his fears and feelings to his mother, he finds
himself frustrated and unheard. He is very sympathetic and caring about his family but has a
hard time showing it. He hates having others think for him and wants to be treated like an adult.

KIRA (Supporting)  15-25. Indigenous Actors only. Female.

In the film, we see a Kira represented as a presence, draped in a long red veil. She is watchful,
unable to speak but able to interact with objects and others. A very ethereal figure, the presence
watches over Jolene and David, viewing their plight but unable to effect it. A visual manifestation
of their grief and pain.

Arts Department, Toronto Reference Library


Scripts available for reading on a first-come basis

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