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November 2017

I and You, Outlook Theatre

November 25, 2017 | Irene | Comments (0) Facebook Twitter More...

I and You, Outlook Theatre

Production name: I and You (by Lauren Gunderson)
Date production rehearsal/job starts: 03/24/2018
Audition date: 12/10/2017
Audition date 2: 12/11/2017
Deadline to submit: 11/17/2017
Email applications to:
Contact name: Marc Bondy
Contact email:
Contact phone: 416-420-7321

The script is available for reading at the Arts Dept. 5th floor Toronto Reference Library  789 Yonge St.
Ethno-cultural mandate or ethno-cultural casting statement: Outlook Theatre encourages diverse artists of all backgrounds regardless of race, orientation, or personal beliefs to apply.
Additional information:
Outlook Theatre is calling for submissions from actors interested in playing the following roles:
ANTHONY, a boy, 17. He is neat, poised, mature for his age.
African-American.  He's an "A' student, a team player, a nice guy. He's not really great around girls. He takes his homework very seriously. When he likes something (jazz music) he is all in. Throughout the whole play he looks at Caroline like he's trying to figure her out. Like he really needs to know who she is.
CAROLINE, a girl, 17. She is in comfy clothing, she does not expect company, she is sick but mainly just looks a little weak and frumpy. She doesn't go out. She is cynical, over it, does not let a stray "feeling" near the surface.
Casting Note: The race of each character can be altered. The only essentiality is that the characters not be of the same race. We encourage submissions from actors of ALL ethnicities and backgrounds.
Rehearsals will begin at the end of March in Toronto. The production will be presented at the Tarragon Extra Space from April 19-29 2018 and will be directed by Marc R. Bondy.
Electronic submissions only, please.
Equity members will be seen first at all open audition calls. Equity members cast in this production will be engaged under an Equity form of contract. CAEA members: please bring your membership card to the audition.
Canadian Actors' Equity Association
44 Victoria St., 12th floor
Toronto, ON M5C 3C4



Tainted Justice, The Village Players

November 11, 2017 | Irene | Comments (0) Facebook Twitter More...

Tainted Justice, The Village Players

(Non-Union, Non-paying)
Directed by Victoria Shepherd

Performance dates: March 2 – 24, 2018
Auditions (and all rehearsals) will be held at The Village Playhouse, 2190 Bloor Street West (near Runnymede subway station) on the following dates and times:
SATURDAY Nov 25          10am to 4pm
MONDAY Nov 27              7pm to 10pm
Callbacks (if necessary)WEDNESDAY  Nov 29 , 7 to 9 pm
1914; Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia and elsewhere in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Drawn from facts surrounding a real murder mystery on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Tainted Justice is a compelling drama by the author of Ravenscroft . Pearl, a troubled young woman, is haunted by doubts about who actually murdered her father in the dark woods by the cranberry bogs at twilight one August evening in 1913. Her cousin, an eccentric attorney obsessed with seeing Buster Keaton movies, defended the accused murderer. Her uncle, who loves mine shafts, was the accused man's friend. Her mother is a beautiful and enigmatic woman from whom she has become painfully estranged. The accused murderer is a charming liar who is fascinated by antique doorknobs and insists that he once nearly married Emily Bronte in Moose Jaw. As Pearl confronts these people, she is pulled deeper and deeper into a dark labyrinth of desire, lies and ambiguous betrayals. By turns funny, haunting, and frightening, this intricately plotted investigation into what can truly be known about other people and their motives weaves memory, testimony, and scenes of twisted confrontation into a compelling tapestry of darkness and light.
CAST BREAKDOWN – 5 men; 3 women
Ben Atkinson – late 40s+ (noticeably older than Tena). Hotel owner, obsessed with work.  Murder victim. 
Determined, smart and patient.  Knows his marriage is troubled but has no idea how to fix it. 

Tena Atkinson –  late 30s. (close in age to Jim).  Ben’s wife. Estranged from daughter.  Described as “beautiful” and “sick of” her husband.  Rumoured that there was “something funny” going on with Frank. Good head for business, which makes her an object of suspicion.  Charges dismissed against her in Ben’s murder. The kind of woman people whisper about. Desperate to clear her name.

Pearl Atkinson – early 20s.  Ben and Tena’s daughter.  Described as “beautiful”.   Estranged from her mother.  Plays piano. Believes that there was “something funny” going on between her mother and Frank.  Spent very little time with her father as a child and blames her mother.

Bill Madden – Tena’s brother.  May have loaned Frank money.  Charges dismissed against him in Ben’s murder.

Jim Madden – late 30s (close in age to Tena).  Bill’s son. An attorney. Represents Frank Haynes.  Devoted to his wife.  Believes in Frank’s innocence. Used to winning. 

Maudie Madden –  mid – late 30s.  Jim’s wife. Sings and plays piano.  Shy.  Afraid of the dark.  Described as “fine looking”. Sweet and smart, with a gentleness of spirit. Beloved by Jim.

Frank Haynes – mid-late 30s.  arrested for murder of Ben Atkison.  Described as “good looking”.  Women like him.  Reads, plays a bit of piano.  Likeable and talkative.  Rumoured that there was “something funny” going on with Tena. Described as a “con man” but “not very good at it”. 

Hearn – male. Indeterminate age, but minimum late 30s +.  a prosecutor.

 *Although a number of characters play piano; the music may be canned and not performed live by actors.  
Please prepare a 2-minute contemporary monologue and please be familiar with the play since there will be readings from the script

A hardcopy of the script will be available at the desk of the Arts Dept., 5th floor of The Toronto Reference Library. A script is available upon request.

TO BOOK AN AUDITION:  Please email a copy of your headshot and resume to with your preferred date, time, interested role(s), and contact information. 

Arts Department, Toronto Reference Library


Scripts available for reading on a first-come basis

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