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November 2016

Tons of money, Scarborough Players

November 25, 2016 | Wendy | Comments (0) Facebook Twitter More...

Tons of money (Scarborough Players)

Auditions:  January 3, 4, 5, 7-10 PM

Callbacks:  January 8, 7-10 PM

**Non-Paying, Non-Equity**

Tons of Money

by Evans and Valentine (adapted by Alan Ayckbourn
Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French Inc.
Directed by Jeremy Henson
Produced by Linda Brent

April 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22, 2017
All shows at 8 p.m. except April 9 and 16 at 2 p.m.

The Play:
Tons of Money | A Farce in 3 Acts
First written and produced in 1922 this play was a great success in London’s West End and provided the thrust of a whole series of subsequent later series of productions called the Aldwych farces! The version produced by Scarborough Players is an adaptation penned by master farceur and award-winning playwright Allan Ayckbourn. When it was produced in 1986 at Britain’s National Theatre it garnered great commercial success. It is the story of an unsuccessful and almost bankrupt,aristocratic inventor Aubrey Allington who inherits the life interest in a fortune which is to revert on his death to his cousin George Maitland. As Cousin George is thought to have died abroad, the inventor’s wife has the brilliant idea of "dying" so that he can resurrect himself as his cousin and avoid paying his enormous debts. Complications arise in the form of George's wife, another Maitland imposter (the butler's brother) and finally the real George Maitland himself! In a series of plot twists, outrageous and hilarious fake deaths, mistaken identities and shenanigans the audience is treated to a high octane and hilarious romp. The action takes place in a 1920’s English manor house which is both inhabited and visited by a large and diverse group of conniving characters. Great fun for the whole family and a great  night of comedy for all to enjoy.

Ages listed are a guide for how the character should appear onstage, not necessarily the age of the actor

Aubrey Allington -the husband and hereditary home owner. Mid to late 30s to mid 40s. Aloof, spoiled, aristocratic but in an ineffectual and naive way, inherited wealth which has now been spent. Few life skills, a dreamer but not in control. The adjective clueless comes to mind!

Sprules - the Butler. Late 40s -60s. Long-time in service with the Allington family. A romantic, inquisitive, and calculating, measured man with ideas above his station. A snob but in a subservient way to others in service. A reluctant servant but severe and precise in public.

Giles-the Gardener, anywhere from late 40s -80! Slow, ponderous and unfazed by anything he sees or hears. Lives in a parallel universe of gardening, shrubbery. Moves
at a slower pace than all other characters. A life-long bachelor with romantic or lecherous tendencies. Comes from a different age and is out of touch with the modern era.

James Chesterman -A solicitor, Late 20s -40.Smart, organized, ambitious, precise, mannered and a catch although he doesn't know it. Not upper class but educated. Too focused on work and career to be anything other than single.

Henery - a Plumber turned imposter. Early to mid 30s or older.A relative of Sprules. Of lower-class, but a not unattractive bachelor. An opportunist and part-time actor. Handsome in a rough sort of way. A ladies' man but a gold - digger who lacks any real talent or hard work ethic. Easily-manipulated. Authentic not artificial.

George Maitland -the traveller and cousin of Aubrey. Late 30's -45. A dreamer and philanthropist. A rumpled ex-patriate. Has great travel experience but lacks basic knowledge of family life
and commitment. Easily-manipulated and confused.

Louise Allington -the wife and homemaker, Mid 30s to early 40s
Shrewd and devoted spouse. Well-bred but not a snob, direct, a take-control attitude, fashion-conscious,A pragmatist and good schemer. A lady of the age and all for women's rights. Formerly a gold-digger, now a schemer. Simpson-the parlourmaid, late 20s-40. Attractive and easily manipulated, fun-loving but somewhat irreverent. A gold-digger who has eyes on advancement through romance!

Benita Mullett -the Allingtons' aunt, late 50s -70s. A straight-
talking and impatient woman. Upper- class, and late Victorian in attitude and sensibility. Naturally suspicious and opinionated about everything and bigoted about most things outside of her consciousness and control. Slightly deaf but unaccepting of her condition.Not to be trifled with.

Jean Everard -Louise's best friend. Mid 30's -40.Stylish and upper-middle class, but vapid debutante who has married into money. Lacks intellect but uses her sexuality to advance through life. Has had multiple lovers before and will in the future. Self-absorbed.

Auditions will be held on: Tuesday January 3; Wednesday, January 4; and Thursday, January 5  from 7 to 10 p. m.

Requirements: Please prepare a one - minute comedic monologue -something you love.  You may be re-directed. You may be asked to do a cold reading from the play. Please read the play. A copy of the play will be on hold at the 5th floor Audio Desk, Toronto Reference Library. Please bring your photo (photocopy will do) and resume to the audition.

Callbacks will be held on Sunday, January 8    Time: 7-10 p. m.(CALLBACKS ONLY: PLEASE BE PREPARED TO BE AVAILABLE FOR THE FULL 3 HOURS)

Booking Your Audition
Auditions must be booked in advance. TO REQUEST AN AUDITION, SEND AN E-MAIL TO OR by phone (416) 439-1104 (Option #2) -Please leave your name & number VERY clearly. By email or telephone please indicate your preferred audition date and time(s). Please note: Email is the most efficient way to book an audition. We will be booking individual auditions in 15 minute slots. Please indicate the roles in which you are interested. Auditions and Rehearsals will be held at 780 Birchmount, Unit 5 (West side of Birchmount, south of Eglinton, beside the Low Carb Food Outlet. TTC accessible by #17 Bus from Warden Station or any Eglinton West bus from Kennedy Station) Some rehearsals and all performances are at Scarborough Village Theatre, 3600 Kingston Road (at Markham Road).

Rehearsals will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 7:15 -10:30 p.m. and Sundays-TBD

First read - through will be on Tuesday, January, 10 at 7:30 p.m. with rehearsals beginning on Sunday, January 15 at 7:15 p.m. for a warn - up and rehearsals starting at 7:30 p.m.

Additional rehearsals may be added as we move closer to the production opening.

Please note:
The April 14, 2017 performance is on Good Friday and April 16, 2017 is the Easter Sunday matinee.

Scarborough Players is an inclusive community theatre company and encourages all interested individuals from all back grounds to audition. Those auditioning must be Non-Equity performers and understand that this is a non-paying production.

We do not enter into any contracts or agreements with CAEA or ACTRA

Powers and Gloria, Village Players

November 4, 2016 | Wendy | Comments (0) Facebook Twitter More...

Powers and Gloria (Village Players Theatre)  

by Keith Roulston
Directed by Anne Harper

Performance Dates: March 3 – 25, 2017

AUDITIONS will be held at the Village Playhouse, 2190 Bloor St. West (around the corner from Runnymede subway station) at the following times:
Saturday, November 19, 2016 / 11-4:30 pm
Sunday, November 20, 2016 / 7 – 10 pm
Tuesday, November 22, 2016 / 7 – 10 pm

CALL BACKS: Wednesday, November 23, 2016 / 7-10 pm

NOTE: Rehearsals & Performances are at 2190 Bloor St. West.
Rehearsals are generally Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-10 pm, and Sundays 1-5 pm, but are flexible depending on actor availability.
Actors MUST be available Tech Weekend (Feb 25-26) and every night of tech week Feb 27-March 2.
Actors must also be available for all performance dates: March 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 (matinee), 16, 17, 18, 19 (matinee), 23, 24, 25.

The play in a nutshell:  When Edward Connell Powers suffers a stroke, he must turn over the running of his furniture factory, the town’s largest employer, to his son James. When he comes home from hospital, James hires the only caregiver he can find, Gloria Delaney, a single-mom, high school drop-out whose hair is bigger than her sense of worth. It seems a doomed relationship but little by little over Edward’s long convalescence, she wins his respect for her humour, spirit and intelligence while she sees beyond his intimidating, crusty exterior. Gloria helps him as he seeks to rebuild his strength so he can return to work, even though it will thwart his son’s global ambitions for the family business. Each boosts the other in their times of doubt and need, crossing barriers that would normally divide people from the opposite ends of the social spectrum.

CHARACTERS (ages refer to characters, not actors – and are approximate):

POWERS – About 70. Owner of the largest business in town.  A conservative business man.  Spends most of the play in a wheelchair.  Actor must be able to move as though walking  is difficult.

GLORIA – Early 20’s. A very inappropriate caregiver, unsophisticated but has a generous heart.

JAMES – About 45. Conventional, modern, money-first businessman.  Powers’ son.

DARRYL – 20’s. Very relaxed attitude to life.  Never wants to miss out on opportunities for sex. Gloria’s boyfriend.

PREPARATION:   Please prepare a short (2-3 minute) monologue if the Director is not familiar with your work. Please also be familiar with the play as you will be asked to do cold readings from the script. A hardcopy of the script will be available at the desk of the 5th floor of The Toronto Reference Library. A script is also available upon request – contact the address below for details.

TO BOOK AN AUDITION:  Please email a copy of your headshot and resume to with your preferred date, time, interested role(s), and contact information. Please also bring a hardcopy of your resume and headshot to your audition. (photocopies are acceptable).



7 Stories, Hart House Theatre

November 1, 2016 | Irene | Comments (0) Facebook Twitter More...

7 Stories, Hart House Theatre

Hart House Theatre is now accepting submissions for:
By Morris Panych
Directed by Rebecca Ballarin
November 23 - early submissions are encouraged.
Non-union (ACTRA or Equity), Non-paying
Those contacted for auditions will be seen the week of November 28, with callbacks on December 3. Only those contacted for an audition will be seen. Performance run: March 3-11, 2017
Please send headshots and resumes to 
Artists of all ethnic/cultural/sexual/gender identities are strongly encouraged to submit. 
Actors are asked to prepare two contrasting contemporary comedic monologues (no longer than 2 minutes each). It is strongly recommended that actors read the play and familiarize themselves with the characters. 
A man stands on a seventh-storey building ledge and contemplates suicide. Before he can get too far, he is confronted by the self-absorbed (and oftentimes absurd) people who live inside the building. In 7 Stories, multi award winning Canadian playwright, Morris Panych, creates a meta-theatrical gem of a black comedy; full of fanciful characters with a wistfully existential conclusion.
Established in 1919, Hart House Theatre is the University of Toronto's Performing Arts Leader.  Since its inception, the theatre's unique mix of young professionals, alumni and students has garnered the theatre a reputation as a cultural destination for not only the community of U of T but also the city of Toronto. 

Arts Department, Toronto Reference Library


Scripts available for reading on a first-come basis

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