Celebrating Literacy Day: online resources and book series for adult learners

September 2, 2022 | Laura

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Every September UNESCO celebrates International Literacy Day. This worldwide celebration and recognition of literacy is on Thursday September 8, 2022. It’s an important day each year to recognize the significance of literacy skills in our lives. 

We recently updated our Adult Literacy website, particularly to highlight our services to adult learners and the Adult Literacy community. We support other literacy organizations by offering branch tours for their classes, small groups and staff. We also conduct outreach visits to our literacy partners. Our visits focus on general library information and recommended services and resources to support adult learners. These presentations can be tailored for either adult learners or for volunteers/staff. For more information about the program and to arrange a visit, please check out the Adult Literacy website.

Adult Literacy Session

In addition, the Adult Literacy program accepts volunteers and learners all year round! Visit the Adult Literacy Volunteers website for more information.

Below are some of our favourite literacy resources and book series that our Adult Literacy learners use to support their learning journey.

OverDrive eBooks & eAudiobooks (or Libby if using as an app)

OverDrive (also known as Libby) is one of TPL’s most popular online resources and this is true for our Adult Literacy Learners. Some of the reasons for the popularity of this resource are:

Soft Skills at Work

Sending the right message book from the Soft Skills at Work series

The Soft Skills at Work series contains 10 titles, all of them photostories. Photostories are books with large pictures and very little text and are meant for emerging readers with low levels of literacy. The series has books on such topics as getting to work on time, thinking on your feet, and working as a team. These ‘soft skills' are very important for people entering the workforce and can be areas where many people struggle.

Likeskills in Action

Adaptability ; understudy book from the Lifeskills in Action series

The Lifeskills in Action series are also very unique and geared to support adult learners. Each book in this series is a flipbook, which contains two books in one, and can be considered both nonfiction and fiction. This allows the learner to both learn about an important life skill, such as finding and keeping a job, and will then read a story where that life skill is put into a real-world context. These books are written for learners reading at an introductory level.


We hope you are able to find something great to read to celebrate International Literacy Day 2022!