Keeping Up with Marvel Universe Stans

June 10, 2022 | Jen McB

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Did you see the new Spiderman? Black Widow was really well done for an action movie! The Scarlet Witch started out very 1950s but then got better as the film style became part of the storyline. How much Marvel are you familiar with? While stanning ‘who is your favourite character’ please be sure to note things happen in the movie Endgame, with fan favourites such as Groot getting snapped out of existence. Do not get too caught up in various ships and trips, having peaked ahead in some of the comics I can tell you that one of the Avengers known as  Vision -- wait, no spoilers! Comics are supposed to be fun. Currently, there are characters known as the Eternals and my Thanos memes are somewhat dated. Everyone agrees that the recent Moon Knight addition to the universe was really cinematic for a television adaptation.   

But who is who if you are new to Marvel? How can you become a fan or at least hold a conversation? Here's a brief introduction to some of my favourite characters, and I encourage you to check out some of the materials we carry at the library devoted to each character to learn more! We hold a ton of materials on these characters so please use the filters on the left margin of our website to find the right materials for you; whether it's a book, ebook, movie, or something else.


Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

The Way of the Warrior Shang Chi. Brothers and Sisters

Shang Chi is a new favourite character of mine focused on responsibility, the tradition of Martial Arts and saving the world from forces beyond the known world. Keeping family and community safe from those who would use power for their own gain. Also a hometown stan because the lead actor who plays Shang Chi is Simu Liu of Toronto. Watch the movie online or borrow the DVD from the library.



Venom First Host Venom Vol.1 Rex

Venom is funny. He's this big and scary amoeba type symbiotic puppy paired up with his human to fight other big and scary amoeba type creatures developed in a lab somewhere. The character also really pairs down societal issues about getting along. For example, Venom is constantly arguing and plotting against his host while fully knowing he needs him to survive. Check out all the different types of material we have at the library on Vemon.



Miles Morales Spiderman Marvel Ultimate Spiderman

If you want to have a really good conversation concerning the Marvel Universe, why not debate the Miles Morales vs Peter Parker stans? Where Peter is very nerdy and gets by being clever just as much as with his spider skills, Miles Morales has different powers such as fading into the walls or stunning his opponents with spider venom. Who is the best Spiderman? It depends on the multiverse you happen to be in at the time. Check out all the different types of material we have at the library on Spiderman.    


Black Widow

Black Widow. Nor More Secrets Black Widow. The Ties That Bind

Black Widow began as a fringe character in the Avengers but has really been fleshed out to have a family, sister and back story. She did have a tragic end in Endgame which is the key to understanding subsequent plotlines concerning 'the blip' (when Thanos snapped half of all creation away), so if you are not familiar with Black Widow, her catalogue is the perfect place to jump into the Marvel Universe and where it is going. Check out all the different types of material we have at the library on Black Widow.      


Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch

 Doctor Strange vol.3 Herald Scarlet Witch. World of Witchcraft

If you want to know about Doctor Strange and Wanda Maximoff(Also known as the Scarlet Witch), you are going to want to dive into their books because with the multiverse being the new story arch that spans many characters, what you thought you knew about the Avengers, will take a different path. 



Hawkeye Anchor Points Hawkeye vol. 6 Hawkeyes

Hawkeye is a series set after Endgame that focuses on the next generation of archery prowess and legacy. What does it mean to be a hero and in what situations does our past make for being a role model versus being cancelled? The character of Kate is very likeable and compliments Hawkeye's gruffest attributes.  


Morbius and the Eternals 

Morbius. Preludes and Nightmares Eternals. Only Death is Eternal

There are many more exciting plotlines ahead for Marvel characters, including the addition of a Morbius introduction film. Played by Jared Leto, Michael Morbius accidentally infects himself with vampirism while trying to cure a rare disease. In Eternals the storytelling centres around an ancient civilization that guards the Earth from destructive forces, but their existence is all very secretive. Marvel and secret keeping could be a whole course of study.  


Anytime is a perfect time to get acquainted with these graphic novels and enjoy the artistry of reputable illustrators such as Daniel Acuna, Chris Sprouse and Jordie Bellaire. Toronto's own Jeff Lemire has also illustrated for Marvel. Imagination is truly the limit of what is possible with pen, ink and editing software. If you find one of your favourite characters has taken an unexpected plot detour, the thing about the Marvel Universe to know is that it eventually weaves back around to canon and Groot and most other characters live, or live on in future stories.