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July 22, 2019 | Eric

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Our reproduction service lets you order prints of historical images of Toronto and beyond — all from Toronto Public Library’s collections.

Print Reproduction Printer

Many of these images can be explored on our Digital Archive.

Our Digital Archive has over 160,000 digitized items. These include historical maps, photos, paintings, posters, drawings and ephemera (items not intended to last for a long time).

Plus, we add new items almost daily!

How do I order an image from our Digital Archive?

  1. Explore our Digital Archive for one or more images to order
  2. For each image, note its “Call Number / Accession Number” near the bottom of each record (see screenshot below). You’ll use this in the next step.
  3. Fill out Print Order Reproduction Form (PDF)
  4. Email form to trlspc@torontopubliclibrary.ca with the subject “Print Reproduction Order Form”. Or deliver it in person or by mail to the Toronto Reference Library.

Payment will be charged to the credit card listed on your completed form or paid by cash if picked up in person. Check our size and price chart.

Screenshot shoing Toronto Public Library's website and an old image of Toronto with one of the details towards the bottom of the page highlighed with an arrow pointing to it

Can I order a print of an image from the library not on the Digital Archive?

Yes! Public domain items from our collections may be digitized and ordered. You can find these items by searching our library’s catalogue or exploring our collections in person at the Toronto Reference Library.

What sizes can I order?

Our prints come in several sizes ranging from 8 x 10 inches all the way up to 42 x 60 inches. Check our size and price chart.

Can I order framed prints?

Sorry, we don’t offer framed prints.

Where should I start to find an image?

If you’re not sure what to search on our Digital Archive, below is some inspiration.

Many of our oldest international maps are among our most visually striking items. What about these 16th- and 17th-century maps of the north pole and western hemisphere, respectively?

Theatrvm orbis terrarvm  1592
Theatrvm orbis terrarvm, 1592. (Call number / Accession number: 37131055487276)
A map of the North-Pole and the parts adjoining  1680 (2)
A map of the North-Pole and the parts adjoining, 1680. (Call number / Accession number: 912.98 P39 (Arctic map drawer))


Want something more local? Check out early Toronto maps such as a topographical map of the city (1851) and a colourful map of Toronto Island (1903).

Topographical plan of the city of Toronto  1851
Topographical plan of the city of Toronto, 1851. (Call number / Accession number: T1851/4Mlrg)
Toronto Island  plan of park improvement and proposed water ways to accompany a report of commissioner of parks  dated Dec. 15th  1903
Toronto Island, plan of park improvement and proposed water ways to accompany a report of commissioner of parks, dated Dec. 15th, 1903. (Call number / Accession number: T 1903/5 Large)


Our collection also includes First World War posters and Second World War posters — as well as some items commemorating the Canada’s war efforts.

Buy Victory bonds
Buy Victory bonds, 1943. (Call number / Accession number: 1939-45. Victory bonds. Item 8. L)
In Flanders' Fields
In Flanders' Fields, 1918. (Call number / Accession number: 1918. McCrae. SB)


One of our most valuable items are the Birds of America drawings by naturalist John J. Audubon. We’ve got hundreds of illustrations you could order. They could even be printed at their actual, huge size. (Want a Canadian alternative: check out the works of William Pope.)

Barn Owl  1833
Barn Owl, 1833. (Call number / Accession number: AUD-Plate-171)
Blue Jay  1827
Blue Jay, 1827. (Call number / Accession number: AUD-Plate-102)


How about a reproduction of on of our photos capturing turn-of-the-century views of your neighbourhood or street? (Tip: try searching for your neighbourhood or major intersection.)

Huntley Street bridge  north of Bloor Street  1885
Huntley Street bridge, north of Bloor Street, 1885. (Call number / Accession number: E 4-79d)
Danforth Avenue  north side  west from Dawes Road; group portrait of some inhabitants of Little York  1900
Danforth Avenue, north side, west from Dawes Road; group portrait of some inhabitants of Little York, 1900. (Call number / Accession number: 966-2-31a)
St. Lawrence Market. North Market (1850-1904)  Front Street East  north side  between Market & Jarvis Streets.  showing east side  before alterations  1898
St. Lawrence Market. North Market (1850-1904), Front Street East, north side, between Market & Jarvis Streets., showing east side, before alterations, 1898. (Call number / Accession number: B 4-9a)
Crosse & Blackwell Factory  Lakeshore Boulevard West  south east corner of Bathurst Street  1926
Crosse & Blackwell Factory, Lakeshore Boulevard West, south east corner of Bathurst Street, 1926. (Call number / Accession number: 942-1-1)

Finally, you could order a print of items of fine art that highlight the City of Toronto and surrounding areas.

York from Gibralter Point (Toronto)  1828
York from Gibralter Point (Toronto), 1828. (Call number / Accession number: JRR 195 Cab III)
Gooderham & Worts  Limited  Toronto  1896
Gooderham & Worts, Limited, Toronto, 1896. (Call number / Accession number: 981-25 Cab III)
Toronto Port Lands looking north west to Toronto skyline in left background  1899
Toronto Port Lands looking north west to Toronto skyline in left background, 1899. (Call number / Accession number: 959-4-1 Cab II)
Toronto  1838
Toronto, 1838. (Call number / Accession number: JRR 1840 Cab IV (Bartlett))

Browse the Digital Archive to find something that you — or a friend or loved one  — might like. For more information about all types of orders, visit Special Collections Reproduction Service.