Eye Candy and Brain Food: Free Streaming Movies, DVDs and More

February 17, 2018 | Elle

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Ever wonder what you can do to enhance your conversations, improve your knowledge base and basically enrich your LIFE? One of the easiest ways is to watch films - lighthearted comedies, intense documentaries, beautiful exposés, real-life dramas, and heart wrenching tragedies.

Toronto Public Library recently acquired a subscription to Kanopy. In a nutshell this service, free to you if you have an active Toronto Public Library card, allows you to stream some 30,000 feature, PBS documentaries, instructional, foreign, award-winning indie, other documentary and Canadian films. Hundreds of new titles are added each month. Additional details and how to get started using Kanopy are available.  We also have Criterion (350+ quality feature and documentary films from world-renowned directors that can be streamed. Includes transcripts for most films.) and Hoopla with its streaming music and video.

Lots of people also ask about the Great Courses. Expertly-produced lectures by professors chosen for their ability to teach, some 3,197 of them are available in Kanopy! Great Courses are also available on Hoopla.

But what if you have only a DVD player and want to watch feature films and documentaries at home? The Arts Department on the 5th floor at Toronto Reference Library has upwards of 10,000 DVDs available for borrowing. You will find a wide range of feature films, Shakespearean works, travel and other topics right at your fingertips.

Feature & Documentary DVDs in the Arts Department, 5th floor, TRL

Shakespearean works in the Arts Department, 5th floor, TRL

Don't forget the first floor Browsery, where you'll find thousands of DVDs - mainly features - but some documentaries as well.

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