Czech Films: "Autumn Spring" (and More) this Winter

January 2, 2018 | Brent

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Warm up with these free Czech movies, Monday afternoons, at Toronto Reference Library.

 Monday, January 8th


Vratne Lahve = Empties (2007)

Josef, a literature teacher, is pushed into retirement. But instead of a peaceful family life, he chooses a part-time job in a supermarket at the bottle-return counter. The exciting new world that he creates there however leaves less and less room for his wife, Eliska, and she of course has no intention of getting used to it. 1h 44m


Monday, January 15th

 Autumn Spring

Babí léto = Autumn Spring (2001)

Terminal prankster Frantisek Hána refuses to grow up and take certain responsibilities, despite his wife Emilie's constant badgering to do so. Even his own looming death won't phase him, but how far is too far?  1h 40m


Monday, January 22nd


Horem Pádem = Up and Down (2005)

Milan and Goran smuggle illegal immigrants. One night, they discover that one of their passengers has left a baby behind, launching a chain of events crossing classes and continents. 1h 28m

Monday, February 5th

Zelary (2005)

A nurse and her surgeon-lover are part of a resistance movement in 1940s Czechoslovakia. When they are discovered, she must find a place to hide and a former patient from a remote backward mountain village agrees to marry her. 2h 30m


Monday, February 12th


Obsluhoval Isem Anglického Krále = I Served the King of England (2008)

This is twentieth century Czech history through the eyes of Jan Dítě, a young provincial waiter who wants to become a millionaire. He's short in height, but high in ambition. He’s also utterly amoral, but the world is worse than he is. 2h


Monday, February 26th


Stestí = Something Like Happiness (2006)

A trio of friends residing in an urban Czech housing project finds that happiness can come from the place where you least expect it in this quirky and heartfelt drama. 1h 40m


Monday March 5th


Kolja  (1997)

Frank Louka is a down-on-his-luck concert musician who agrees to a bogus marriage with a Russian woman for money. When she takes off and leaves behind her five-year-old son, Louka must take care of the boy. Both will become good, inseparable friends. Winner of the Academy Award for best foreign language film. 1h 45m



All films have English subtitles.

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