How to Experience Augmented Reality in the Vice & Virtue Exhibition at the TD Gallery

February 27, 2017 | Eric

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Vice and Virtue

The Vice & Virtue show, currently on display at the TD Gallery, incorporates some hidden augmented reality elements throughout the space to enhance your gallery experience. The app used to display these elements is call Aurasma

What is Aurasma? 
Aurasma is a free app for iOS and Android devices that uses advanced image recognition to blend the real-world artifacts with rich interactive content, such as videos and animations, called "Auras."

How do I download the app?
Go Here to download the free app for iOS.
Go Here to download the free app for Android.

How do I use it?

  • Launch the Aurasma app and allow it to access your mobile device camera.
  • Within the app, search for "torontopubliclibrary," select the top search result and hit "Follow."
  • Keep an eye out for the Aurasma logo around the gallery. This indicates where you can find the "Auras."
    Aurasma logo
  • Point your device's camera at each trigger to access the hidden content

Where can I find the "Auras?"

Find the below images around the gallery, on the walls and in the cases, to access hidden augmented reality elements including animations, videos and additional images.

1960-burlesque-s~1 Delinquents
Drunk Flash
Hush Social evils
Opium JRR714
193-HIGHLANDERSB_Highlander_with covered labels Malt label



Some video content provided by Queerstory, an award winning interactive locative documentary app that maps over a century of LGBTQ history in 37 sites across Toronto. Produced by Year Zero One in collaboration with Lost Time Media & The Idea Shoppe. 

Queerstory was made possible with the generous support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council, the Downtown Yonge BIA, and the Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives. 

Queerstory logo

Vice & Virtue runs from February 11 - April 30, 2017

TD Gallery, Main Level, Toronto Reference Library