So You Want to be a Songwriter?

January 27, 2016 | TRL ARTS

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Are you an aspiring songwriter? Do you love this city?

Would you like to have your work professionally recorded and produced?

Then this CBC contest is for you! All you need to do is compose an original song about Toronto.     


If being a musician or songwriter has always been a dream, but you find you are a little short on songwriting know-how, the library can help. Even if you don't know anything about the music biz or how to throw together a demo, we've got the resources for you!                                                    

Pat pattison rhyming

All you need to know about the music business How to make it in the new music business

The art of noise  Songwriting strategies  Songwriter

Once you've nailed those lyrics, figured out a catchy hook and embellished a few riffs (or not), you can come record and/or mix your stuff here at selected branches of Toronto Public Library. We have recording equipment, music software, and now even green screen rooms you can use to shoot your first music video! This equipment is available for use at different branches in the city.


In the immortal words of They Might Be Giants,

"There's only two songs in me and I just wrote the third.
Don't know where I got the inspiration or how I wrote the
words. Spent my whole life just digging up my music's shallow
grave. For the two songs in me and the third one I just made."

Song title "Number Three" from their 1986 album They Might Be Giants