15 New Books by Women Artists

November 25, 2015 | Brent

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The Arts Department on the 5th floor of Toronto Reference Library has just had its fall books delivered. We've been lucky to be able to get books on a wide range of topics.

We've been especially lucky to have great selection of books by women artists (as well as an anthology by a rather important curator).

Here are 15 of them:


            Agnes Martin       Chantal Portbriand      Suite Sophie Calle

                       Alyson Shotz       Almond Garden Gabriela Maj

        From Bauhaus to Buenos Aires Grete Stern     In the Shadow of a Shadow     Florence henri

               Helen Schjerfbeck     Rebecca Horn     Yoko Ono One Woman Show 

              Christina Ramberg      Akiko Takizawa    Sturtevant Double Reversal  

                                          Tomma Abts mainly Drawing.