Celebrate CONTACT with New Photography Books

May 14, 2015 | Brent

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It's hard to believe the CONTACT Photography Festival -- which runs throughout the month of May--is almost half over. There are still dozens of exhibitions and events taking place throughout the city; Our own exhibition at Toronto Reference Library, Exposed features highlights from the Toronto Star archive. On May 28 at 2pm, we're lucky to have Stephen Bulger -- his Queen West gallery is one of the preeminent photography venues in the city -- conduct a tour of the exhibit.

In keeping with all this activity, the Arts Department on the fifth floor of Toronto Reference has just received a bumper collection of new photography books. They are full of surprises. Matador features wonderful work by Spanish photographer Ricky Davila whose pictures of his extended family replicates Nicholas Nixon's classic photographs of the Brown sisters.




With their casual poses and exquisite attention to light, both share links with some of the brilliant portraits by recently rediscovered Arkansas photographer Mike Disfarmer. Toronto Reference is fortunate to have new books featuring all three photographers:

     Matador photography    Nixon The Brown Sisters    Becoming Disfarmer

These are just a few of the new additions to our collection. They all look great, but they are so visually different that collectively they make a strong argument that photography might just be as diverse as painting.

           Lissie Habie       Rehersal of Space    Arctic

                   Filip Dujardin       Reisch

                         Joan Fontcuberta     Iran Interrupted

       Colita Fotografia       Grand Paris Martin Parr     Slovak New Wave

                 David Seymour      Eve Arnold       

                                   Object Photo

         Vanished Summer    Erwin Olaf  Steve Sabella

         Joan Colom      Office Romance     Exiles


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