Alfred Hitchcock's soundtracks on Vinyl LP

April 23, 2015 | Bill V.

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I was watching North by Northwest the other day and was struck by the soundtrack.  The music in Alfred Hitchcock's movies plays a key role.  Can you imagine the Psycho shower scene without the intense sound that is now virtually synonymous with stabbing? 

Speaking of Psycho you may be interested in the ProfTalks symposium on April 25th being held in the Bram and Bluma Appel Salon that includes Professor Annette Insdorf's talk "Master of Suspense: The Artistry of Alfred Hitchcock" focusing on Psycho.

Did you know the Arts Department, 5th floor of the Toronto Reference Library has 15,000 LP records including several of his soundtracks with period vintage psychedelic covers (and we have 2 record players you can use too!).


Music from Alfred Hitchcock films LP record cover on vinyl


Music from the great movie thrillers music composed for motion pictures directed by Alfred Hitchcock


Hitchcock's Music  by Jack Sullivan


Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo LP record


The lovesong of Alfred J Hitchcock a play This poetic new play takes a unique look at the way the great filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock developed the idea of his most famous films, including Marnie, Vertigo, Psycho and Strangers on A Train. The result is a unique and haunting character study and an unprecedented journey into the mind of one our most fascinating cultural icons.


North by northwest original motion picture score LP vinyl record


Alfred Hitchcock presents Music to be murdered by Circus of horrors.