Taking Pictures of Dogs

March 28, 2014 | John Elmslie

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A woman came into the Reference Library last week and told me she wanted to take pictures of dogs. She was looking for inspiration.

Erwitts to the dogs

Elliot Erwitt's classic collection To The Dogs came immediately to mind.


We don't have William Wegman's Puppies at the Reference Library, but she liked the cover enough to put a hold on the book.

Wegman polaroids

We went to the shelf and found this collection of Wegman's oversized Polaroids. Are you familiar with Wegman's famous portraits of his dog Fay Ray?

Photographing dogs

On the "how to do it" shelf we found an entire book devoted to Photographing Dogs.


Back to inspirational books: The Silence of Dogs in Cars is a recent collection by Martin Usborne. Note: no dogs were left in cars longer than was necessary to take these unsurpassed pictures of pathos.


Here's another picture from The Silence of Dogs in Cars.


In Animal Farm Daniel Naudé evokes a proud and monumental mood.


 Andrew Knapp's Find Momo is playful and surprising.

Saw me

One last suggestion: Animals That Saw Me is a collection by Ed Panar of animals that, well... saw him.


Including these two sweet examples.


Inspired yet?