A New Look for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

April 4, 2012 | Alyson

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Sgt pepper revised


To celebrate his 80th birthday Sir Peter Blake has modernised his iconic album cover with new faces.  It's a patriotic collage, a bit safer than the original perhaps - no Karl Marx, no Lenny Bruce. I mean, good grief, it's got Delia "how to cook an egg" Smith and Vidal Sassoon taking up space. But it's nice to see Vivienne Westwood and Elvis Costello (before he became Mr. Diana Krall) in the new work.  And the Monty Python foot. Personally, I'd have liked to have seen the future Queen of Scotland, Susan Boyle, make the cut.  The Guardian has a wonderful interactive version of the piece so you can see who's who.

But, what's this? Only one Beatle.  I don't know why John, George and Ringo were excluded; it may have something to do with the fact that Blake does not own the copyright to this work.  

It's a bit peculiar that he decided to re-make his best-known collage, as he always grumbled that Sgt. Pepper overshadowed the rest of his work.  Lest we be accused of doing the same, here are some books of Peter Blake's other  works in Toronto Public Library's collections.

       Pblake about collage  PB  Pblake collagen

       Peter Blake:about collage                       PB                          Peter Blake: collagen

           Oh, and the library does own the work the collage was originally created for, too.