Too Darn Hot

July 21, 2011 | Bill V.

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My favorite Aunt Teta Kata used to sing Too Darn Hot during heatwaves. She lived near an old manufacturing  industrial area and would walk around early morning singing and listening to her voice echo around the buildings.


Too Darn Hot was written by Cole Porter for the musical Kiss Me Kate.  There are many copies of the piano/vocal score that you can borrow.

       Cole Porter a biography             Noel and Cole  the sophisticates            Kiss me Kate  vocal selection


Originally, it was performed on Broadway and then in the 1950s became a MGM film with Ann Miller doing a sultry tap dance to the song.



Many people are familiar with the Ella Fitzgerald version which has become a standard jazz classic



There are many piano and vocal scores and songbooks with music by Ella that you may be interested in.

Forever Ella 19 Ella Fitzgerald classics   Ella Fitzgerald original keys for singers.   Legendary divas of swing & jazz

The song was performed by the 80s group Erasure for the Red Hot and Blue CD done as an early fundraiser for AIDS research.  Interestingly, the original Broadway lyrics had the line "According to the Kinsey Report" which was later changed to only "According to the Report".  The song was used in the movie Kinsey and I suspect Kinsey would have been happy to been associated with the song and the later fund raising.




Did you know the Performing Arts Department at the Toronto Reference Library has a large collection sheet music/scores that you can use here and in many cases borrow ?  There is a song index but you can also browse through the catalogue looking for songs, operas, musicals and instrumental music.  We have a large musicals section as well as lots of popular scores by singer, by year/decade and by broad category (jazz, pop, love songs etc).  There are 2 photocopiers on the floor but don't forget to add money to your copy card / library card on the Main Floor.

Lilac song index 009


So why not come out of the heat and visit the 5th floor of the Toronto Reference Library - we're air conditioned - and have a great collection you can use both for singing but also for musical instrument scores - we even have two electric piano's in a practice room you can use free of charge!


Do you have a favorite summer cooling off song ?  Why not leave a comment and let everyone know!