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Read it! Hear it! See it!

December 23, 2013 | Alison | Comments (0)

Taking a trip over the holidays?  Stuck in the car for hours on end?  Take a book to pass the time.  Books are available in so many formats these days there's bound to be one that will work for your trip.

While there's nothing like actually reading the book, sometimes it's easier to read it another way.  Family trips in the car are a great chance to use audiobooks in the CD player or eaudiobooks on your digital device. 

Ebooks let you carry those big fat books, or lots of books without taking up all the space in your bag.

There are lots of titles to choose from for children, teens and adults.  Here are some popular titles for school children.


Are you a Rick Riordan fan and can't get your hands on the print book?  Try the audio book. Often waiting lists for other formats are shorter.  Have you seen the movie?

House of HadesBookLightning thief





large print




Fans of the 39 Clues can find the series in three different formats.

39 clues Kings Ransom Operation Trinity
Find all the books here.

Find the audiobooks here.


Look here for eaudiobooks.





Diary of a wimpy kid Rodrick Rules
Find all the print books of Doug's adventures.

They're also available in audiobooks,and ebooks.


The first couple of books have been made into a movie too.  Check them out.





Happy Holiday reading, however you choose to do it.


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