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Around the world with Cinderella

December 21, 2013 | Alison | Comments (0)

Girls of all ages love thier princess stories, some are picky about the princess while others just want a story with a princess in it.  Disney has created firm images of princesses in the minds of a number of girls but most of the stories they tell have been told so many times before.  Did you know that there are versions of Cinderella told in cultures all over the world. 

To travel the world with Cinderella, why not start with some of these stories?  They are just a starting point though.  You can choose a place and there will be a Cinderella story to go with it.


We'll start our trip around the world with the familiar Disney version.  The average Cinderella fan knows she has singing mice that help her get things done.  This was one of Disney's early movies so of course the look has changed over time.  Have a look at how the story changes.

Disney Cinderella Modern Disney Cinderella

Algonquin CinderellaThe Rough Faced girl is a Native American telling of the story based Algonquin tales.

Caribbean Cinderella



Explore the warm Caribbean with Cendrillon.



Mexican CinderellaTravel to Mexico with Adelita.


Stories from China, Egypt, Korea, Persia and Greece.

Cinderella China Egyptian Cinderella  Korean Cinderella Greek CinderellaPersian Cinderella


You can even get stories that borrow from many different cultures to create a Cinderella story.

World Wide Cinderella


Happy reading and enjoy your trip.



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