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Snapshots in History: July 23: Remembering E. Lynn Harris

July 24, 2013 | John P. | Comments (0)

On July 23 and beyond, take a moment to remember the life of a deceased, popular American authors named E. (Everette) Lynn Harris (Born: June 20, 1955; Died: July 23, 2009).  E. Lynn Harris, born in Flint, Michigan, was one of the more successful African-American and gay authors of his time with ten consecutive books making it onto the New York Times Best Seller list. Harris’ novels often depicted African-American men who were either gay but chose to hide their sexual orientation or who deemed themselves to be heterosexual but also had sex with women. Consider the following titles for borrowing from Toronto Public Library collections:

No one in the world 

No one in the world / E. Lynn Harris and RM Johnson, 2011. Book. Adult Fiction.

This novel was co-authored between RM Johnson and E. Lynn Harris and published following Harris’ death in 2009. Cobi Winslow is a successful African-American attorney who was adopted by a well-to-do family. Fate intervenes and Cobi meets his long-lost, jailed twin brother Eric. Cobi and Eric’s parents left a will that will complicate Cobi’s life. Add to that Cobi’s desire to keep his homosexuality private as well as his relationship with Tyler, a state senator. However, Cobi is blackmailed by one of Eric’s cellmates requiring money to pay off a drug debt or else…

Also available in Large Print format.   



In my father's house

In my father’s house  / E. Lynn Harris, 2010. Book. Adult Fiction.

Bentley L. Dean III is heir to a financial empire and about to marry a woman of similar social standing when Bentley reveals to his father that he is gay. Consequently, Bentley is disowned by his family so he moves to South Beach, Florida and establishes a high-end modeling agency for males and females. The agency is contracted to provide models for an exclusive party. Bentley’s 18-year old protégé Jah enters a closeted relationship with African-American movie star Seth Sinclair who is married. Bentley begins to reconcile with his father after the latter’s nearly fatal heart attack. Bentley’s professional dilemma involves his desire to keep his modeling agency afloat with business from Seth Sinclair but can he do that without compromising his integrity and also protecting Jah?

Also available in Large Print format.  




Mama dearest 

Mama dearest / E. Lynn Harris, 2010. Book. Adult Fiction.

Those familiar with E. Lynn Harris’ work will recognize the recurring femme fatale character, actress Yancey Harrington Braxton, who is trying to revive a stalled career. Things get interesting when Yancey’s recently incarcerated show business mother, Ava Middlebrook, seeks revenge on daughter Yancey for having testified against her at her trial. Add to the mix Yancey’s long-lost daughter, Madison, given up for adoption years ago and now Yancey’s competitor. Find out how things turn out…

Also available in Large Print format.  




Basketball Jones

Basketball Jones / E. Lynn Harris, 2009. Adult Fiction.

Aldridge James “AJ” Richardson is a kept man with a MBA. AJ is in a relationship with rich NBA star Drayton “Dray” Dexter Jones. Insinuations about AJ compel Dray to marry ambitious Judi Ledbetter who soon becomes pregnant. All of a sudden, things are getting a little crowded for AJ.

Also available in Audiobook CD and eAudiobook formats.


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