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Go! On an adventure

July 20, 2013 | Alison | Comments (0)

Schools out but the young people in your house are still hungry for answers to all of their "Why" questions.  There are a number of different fun ways to find that information for them.

Cat in the hat knows a lot about that  Hooray for hair - cat in the hat Now you see me - cat in the hat




The troublesome Cat and his "Thingamajiger" help Sally and Nick answer questsions they have about the world around them in the series The Cat in the Hat knows a lot about that.  The books talk about a large number of things that are interesting to children and are written  for younger readers.  They can usually be found in with the beginning reader books.


Why oh why - cat in the hat Inside your outside - cat in the hatOh say can you say - cat in the hat




The cat shares more information to older readers in his learning library series. These books give answers in the same fun way, but they are a little longer.  Unfortunatly, it isn't easy to find all the books in this series because it can be found all over the children's non-fiction section.  If you want the book about deserts, it will be with all the other desert books.


 Magic School Bus gardenMagic School Bus habitatsIf the Cat isn't for you, try Miss Frizzell and her Magic School bus.  For years, Miss Frizzell has been answering the questions of her students by taking them on field trips in her special bus.  A large number of these books are done with large pictures and a small number of words to help children understand.




 Magic school bus chapter 2Magic School Bus chapter
For more adventurous readers, there are a growing number of Magic School books done as chapter books.  These books give more information, but don't have the same colour pictures as the original books.






Companion guide penguinsCompanion guide OlympicsFans of the Magic Tree House series with Jack and Annie will love the companion guides.  These books give extra information to answer questions not easily answered in the Tree House adventures.  Learn more about the facinating places that Jack and Annie visit.  The books are written with the answers to questions that Jack and Annie had during their adventure.




National Geographic - tigers National Geographic - castles
Adults know that National Geographic is a great source for information and increadable pictures.  National Geographic Kids does the same thing for children.  Like the Cat in the Hat and Magic School Bus, National Geographic has books for different ages.  They have information on anything you might wonder about and some things you never thought to wonder about.


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