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February 2012

Learn to Fence at Albert Campbell branch!

February 24, 2012 | Sara | Comments (0)

Albert Campbell branch’s After School Newcomer Hub is hosting an exciting fencing program for children and teens ages 7 and up.  Participants will learn the basics of this fun and challenging sport from varsity fencing coaches at the University of Toronto.


Did you know that fencing is one of the oldest sports, dating back to the 12th century!  The sport has also been featured in every modern Olympic Games. 

There are 3 main fencing weapons which are:

Foil- a light weapon that targets the torso

Sabre- a light weapon that is used in a cutting or thrusting motion to target the entire body above the waist

Epee- a heavier weapon used in a thrusting motion to target the entire body

Make sure to wear comfortable clothing for the program and don’t be worried about hurting yourself or others.  Child safe equipment will be provided for this introductory course. 

Where:            The Auditorium at Albert Campbell branch

When:              Tuesday March 13, 2012 from 5:00-7:00pm

Ages:                7 and up

For more information, visit the branch or call 416-396-8890. 

Drawing and Writing on the Wall - Subversive Act or Community Strength?

February 16, 2012 | Marie | Comments (1)

Before you explore this post, you have to promise yourself to read all the way to the end. Join me on a little journey.


The art of mural making has been with us since cave dwellers carved visual stories on walls.  People have a long history of using public space to share their stories.  Here’s an example: BlogFeb2012CaveDrawings


Artists and regular people tell stories about themselves, their community and their own experience.  John Abrams’ recent work at the Cameron House is both eye-catching and thought-provoking: CameronHouseWallArtAbrams

Are you still reading? Have the images grabbed your attention? What's your reaction to this art?

Writing and drawing on walls is kind of subversive, right? Right?  Hmmm... Political, artistic, and legal issues around graffiti as art or vandalism are hot topics right now in Toronto. The City of Toronto even has a “Graffiti Management Plan”  A City program called  StART (Street Art Toronto) has emerged out of that plan. This program supports street art and increases awareness of the beauty and character that street art brings to neighbourhoods.  

Telling and listening to stories in a public space makes people more aware of their surroundings and their neighbours.  It builds relationships and breaks down barriers. Scarborough’s own Mural Routes works with residents to create beauty and art in otherwise dreary places.  And a lot of stories get shared.  Here’s a sample of what they've been doing since 2010.

In 2011 Kennedy/Eglinton Branch partnered  with Mural Routes for an 8 week program called “Leadership in Mural Making”.  Young artists met weekly at the branch with Mural Routes staff and community artists to hone their skills and learn about the “business” of being a serious artist.  The branch hosted an exhibition of their work at the end of the session. 


This was the first public exhibition of work for many of the youth MuralRoutesArtistsOct2011

Here are some wonderful pieces that emerged from this program.  The artists produced work large: MuralExhibitOct2011

and small


What makes graffiti different from a mural? What makes a mural so cool? What kind of planning goes into a mural and just how does it all come together on a public space? Find out at Kennedy/Eglinton this spring as we partner up again with Mural Routes to offer an 8 week program called “Introduction to Mural Arts". 

We’re hosting a Mural Routes Open House on Thursday March 22 at 6:30.  You’re invited. Yes. You.  Meet up with our Mural Routes friends. Find out more about the program.  The program begins on Saturday April 14 at Kennedy/Eglinton branch.  It is open to people 14 to 99; and open to all skill levels.  For more information contact Marie Belanger [email protected] (416-396-8924) or Jen Fabico [email protected] (416-698-7995). Jen will answer you on Twitter if you tweet @MuralRoutes. Explore the creation of art in a public space.  Expand, explore and make your statement!

Dedicated Volunteer receives TPL Years of Service Award at Albert Campbell branch

February 3, 2012 | Sara | Comments (4)

Albert Campbell branch has been fortunate in attracting excellent volunteers to its Leading to Reading program.  One of these volunteers, Shane MacKinnon, will be receiving a TPL Years of Service Award in recognition of his dedication to the Leading to Reading program.

Shane MacKinnon has been a volunteer for the Leading to Reading program for seven years.  His initial interest in volunteering at the library was to gain experience working with children and share his love of reading.  Since becoming a volunteer, Shane has worked with six students helping them improve their literacy and reading skills.  When asked to share his advice for new volunteers, Shane’s advice is simple - listen to the student and let them have a say in what is being covered in the session.  With a supportive and encouraging attitude like this, it is no wonder Shane has had such a positive experience with the Leading to Reading program! 

Shane and student

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