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Readings on Mother Earth

August 10, 2011 | John P. | Comments (0)

This selective book list offers an introduction to titles that focus on Earth and some of its environmental issues, both human-generated and naturally occurring, such as energy paths, global warming, ocean acidification, and disasters. Renowned environmentalists such as Tim Flannery, Bill McKibben and David Suzuki weigh in on some of the issues facing Earth and push for a sustainable planet, while others look at disaster planning and survival, eco-friendly entrepreneurs, and planetary forecasting for the future.

Here is a sneak peak at some of the titles. Click here to access the entire book list, complete with annotations.



Eaarth: making a life on a tough new planet / Bill McKibben, 2010.

McKibben cites problems such as increasing sea levels, ocean acidification, and rising temperatures that harm life through disease, drought, famine, floods and storms. The current carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are likely to lead to permanent changes on Earth. Alternative energy paths are unlikely to be a viable solution given political inertia. Humankind needs to refocus on local self-sufficient communities with local and sustainable energy and food production rather than continued reliance on external sources and unbound growth.

Also available in Audiobook CD and Talking Book (Restricted to Print Disabled Patrons) formats.


Here on Earth

Here on earth: a natural history of the planet / Tim F. Flannery, 2011.

Flannery examines Earth’s history and human evolution using two opposing theories, namely a Darwinist reductionist approach through selfish exploitation of resources, and a holistic, Gaian approach supported by James Lovelock and Alfred Russel Wallace that views the planet as a living, self-regulating organism with the opportunity for humankind to learn from its mistakes. Flannery comes down on the Gaian side in which humankind as part of the natural world can evolve co-operatively with other species in a sustainable manner.


Legacy an Elder's Vision

The legacy: an elder's vision for our sustainable future / David T. Suzuki, 2010.

While he is concerned about the planet’s well-being, environmentalist and geneticist Suzuki is also optimistic about the future. Environmentalists need to more closely examine the main reasons for humankind’s destructive bent, including a lack of regard for our species’ spiritual reliance upon nature. Humankind has an opportunity to transform the planet but one must challenge the outdated notion that environmental protection is financially impractical and unattainable.

Also available in eBook format.


Now or never: why we need to act now to end climate change and create a sustainable future / Tim F. Flannery, 2009.

Flannery offers causes and consequences of and possible solutions for dealing with global warming. He offers various initiatives that should be undertaken simultaneously to achieve sustainability, including the development of an electric car, a carbon trading mechanism for South American rainforests to facilitate carbon capture, and the use of a holistic approach to link food production with carbon sequestration.

Also available in Audiobook CD and eAudiobook formats.


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