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Repair Café – A True Sense of Community

September 27, 2015 | Suk Yin | Comments (0)

Sandi Trillo with her blender. Fixed!
Sandi Trillo with her blender. Fixed!

On September 12th, 2015, Agincourt Branch hosted the Repair Café Toronto and transformed the rotunda into a bustling community hub. Twenty-two volunteer fixers from the Repair Café Toronto and 85 library visitors from the community gathered together and worked collaboratively to repair many different items—from electronic gadgets and small appliances to jewelry, clothing and umbrellas. On the surface, people came and fixed things needing repair but looking beyond that, we can also see fantastic collaboration at work, engendering a wonderful sense of community—as well as fostering values of caring and generosity.

“It’s a tremendous experience just seeing community members get together, have a cup of coffee and interact with each other,” said Fern Mosoff, coordinator of Repair Café Toronto. She was touched to see so much enthusiasm and energetic spirit from both the library visitors and volunteer fixers.

When asked what inspired her to launch Repair Café, Fern said “I am fortunate to be able to help make our community a better place, and find ways to gain satisfaction through constructive activity. Repair Café is not just about fixing things; it reinforces the idea of creativity and builds the community.”


Repair Café coordinators Fern Mosoff and Paul Magder
Repair Café coordinators Fern Mosoff and Paul Magder

 Next repair café is at Don Mills Branch


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