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August 2013

Using the Library's Health and Medicine Databases to Find Information About Acquired Brain Injury

August 12, 2013 | Margaret W. | Comments (0)

People often come to the library asking for information about acquired brain injury, for themselves or for a loved one, or as students or professionals working in the health field. Their information needs range from the very basic to the extremely in-depth.

What is acquired brain injury? According to the Toronto ABI Network, acquired brain injury is caused either by a trauma or by a medical problem or disease process that causes damage to the brain, including "anoxia, non-progressive tumour, aneurysm, infection or stroke".

These injuries can cause disabilities that are anywhere from mild to severe.

The library's health and medicine databases are rich sources of information on this important topic. Databases such as Consumer Health Complete, Health and Wellness Resource Center, and Health Reference Center Academic all will have informative journal and magazine articles, book reviews, news, videos, and more. 

The library pays for these databases, and makes them available FREE to members of the Toronto Public Library - like you!

To access the databases, go to the home page of the library, and click on "Articles and Online Research". Then, from the "Databases by Category" list, choose Health and Medicine. You will be asked to fill in your library card number and your PIN before you continue.

As examples, here are few articles (of many) that I found on this topic, and the database each can be found in:

"The Experience of Living With a Family Member With Challenging Behavior Post Acquired Brain Injury", by Mary E. Braine. Available full-text in the Health and Wellness Resource Centre database.

"The Adaptation Process Following Acute Onset Disability: An Interactive Two-dimensional Approach Applied to Acquired Brain Injury", by Ingrid HM Brands et al. Located full-text in the Consumer Health Complete database.

"Neurotrauma and Repair Research: Traumatic Brain Injury and Its Treatments", by Hanna Algattas and Jason H. Huang. Full text in the Health Reference Centre Academic database.

This is only a small taste of what's available. Have a look.


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