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Infinite Kung Fu

July 3, 2012 | Alice | Comments (2)

Infinite kung fuInfinite Kung Fu
Kagan McLeod

A ghostly emperor leads five armies, each led by a traitorous poison kung fu master, and tasks them to seek out pieces of his lost mystical armour in order to regain his full power. Young Lei Kung is taken on as an apprentice by an immortal master to infiltrate the armies and put an end to the emperor's evil rule. He must face martial arts masters, supernatural fiends, and an undead army in this mash-up of kung fu, blaxsploitation, and zombie films.


 I honestly was not sure what to expect from the above description, because I mean, what? So I picked it up. Hey, I'm a curious girl. And? You guys, it was so. much. fun. I'm not even a real kung fu fan or anything, or a zombie lover, but I do love me some good action flicks for summer, and this gives all the same good stuff. Constant pacing, frequent crazy action scenes, heroes and villains, and somehow, it totally works and you don't even want to put it down. Doubts that this was for me are now fully crushed - you should try it, seriously.


Not sure, still? Top Shelf, who publishes the book, gets that with graphis, you really need to see the art and read a little to get a feel for the style, so they've posted samples pages you can take a look at here. And by sample pages, I mean roughly half the book. Half the book. Online. For reading. Dang. I will warn you that you might get hooked into the story this way, though, so be ready to want a copy to read the rest...

I was also curious about the book and about the author, and what we librarian types do when we are curious is start poking around online, where I found an interesting interview with him. If you'd like to red a little more about Kagan McLeod and his thoughts on comics, this is a good little read.


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