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Toronto History in Flashback--Election Campaign Literature

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Jacobs Alderman Ward 5 Toronto 1976One of the more unusual collections in the Humanities & Social Sciences Department at the Toronto Reference Library is the Municipal Election Campaign Literature Collection. This primary source collection of pamphlets, flyers, and door hangers put out by candidates running for mayor, alderman (now known as councillor) or school trustee have been collected and preserved on microfiche for all parts of Toronto since 1969. The material was donated (and still is) by candidates, library staff and the general public.

The collection includes material from the boroughs and cities that made up Metropolitan Toronto: East York, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, Toronto (the old downtown city) and York, and Metropolitan Toronto itself.  Before 1997, Toronto citizens would vote for their local mayor (yes--there were six of them), their ward alderman and their Metro councillor.  Essentially the alderman in your local ward looked after local problems, while your Metro councillor looked after larger regional interests like police and transit. Of course, there was overlap in some areas and plenty of tensions between the two levels.  Municipal politics in Toronto has never been simple or conflict free.

Since 1998, the election pamphlets for the new City of Toronto come from the wards that make up the new government structure. Since the year 2000 those are based on the federal electoral districts of Toronto (22 in total) split in half to make up a council of 44 members. The mayor is the extra, 45th member.

Looking back over the years it’s amazing—how little has changed! A constant theme is taxes (always too high). Another is transportation (never good enough). Some candidates boast of their fresh approach and new ideas. Others emphasize the need for experience and business management. There's always the argument that youth needs to get involved, but especially true in the mid to late seventies when the baby boom generation was coming into its own.

All this history has been preserved on microfiche. If you want to see it, come to the Humanities & Social Sciences Department on the 2nd floor. Bring along you USB stick, and you can take away a digital version using our ScanPro microfilm/fiche readers.

To see the City-Ward Index or the Name Index for Municipal Election Campaign Literature:

Download The City-Ward Index-Campaign Literature (MS Word Document)

Download The Name Index-Campaign Literature A-L (MS Word Document)

Download The Name Index-Campaign Literature M-Z (MS Word Document)


An Historical Sampling:

(Click to enlarge the images)

Dilevko Mayor Etobicoke 1976 Flynn Mayor Etobicoke 1976











Youth and experience vied for the Mayor’s job in Etobicoke 1976.  Candidate Juris Dilevko cried “We need a new spirit! The government of Etobicoke should search for more opportunities to bring our youth into the political process.”  More staidly, incumbent Dennis Flynn promised “Representation, Accountability, Management and Planning.”  Flynn was re-elected, and remained Mayor of Etobicoke until 1984, when he became Chairman of Metropolitan Toronto.

Elson-Nelson Trustee Midtown 1988
Two unusual twists here—two candidates running a joint campaign, and reaching out to youth who won’t be eligible to vote for years.  The Nelson-Elson campaign for School Trustee in the new Midtown ward in 1988.

Lombardi Ward 11 Scarborough 1994



Don Lombardi speaking the multiple languages of Ward 11 Scarborough in 1994.



Hope Ward 5 Toronto 1976



Ying Hope served Ward 5 in the old city of Toronto as a School Board Trustee (1963-1969), then as Alderman from 1969-1985. In later years he worked on environmental issues, and helped to win redress from the Canadian Government for the Chinese head tax levied in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.




The Toronto Star and political controversy go together, whether it’s 2014 or 1969.  York mayoralty candidate Wes Boddington came out swinging.


Boddington Mayor York 1969

Boddington Mayor York 1969-3 Boddington Mayor York 1969- 2




























White Mayor York 1969





But ultimately, the "Star candidate" Phil White was also the "Peoples' Choice" for Mayor of the Borough of York in 1969.



Don't forget your own chance to make history in 2014.  Vote on October 27.  For info check the City of Toronto's Voter's page.


Find out where to vote, or if you're on the voter's list.




The Built Universe of Islam with Dr. Golombek on Tuesday October 14th

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Isfahan, Iran: dome of Lutfallah Mosque, c. 1610

Who has not heard of some of the great architectural monuments built in the Islamic world—the Alhambra, the Dome of the Rock, Shalimar Gardens, and the Taj Mahal? There are many more. What role did these masterpieces play in the life of the pre-modern Islamic world? As we examine representative buildings in detail, we discover that they served different purposes in Muslim society—civil works, commercial facilities, royal domiciles, religious centres, and memorials. We will marvel at the creativity and craftsmanship that dazzle our eyes today: the soaring domes, the brilliant glazed tiles, the play of running water.


October is Islamic History Month

Come Celebrate With A Thought Exchange Talk



Join Dr. Lisa Golomek this Tuesday October 14th, from 2:00-4:00 p.m.

In the Beeton Auditorium

At the Toronto Reference Library for:

"The Built Universe of Islam — An Introduction"

Talk Outline

  1. The City: citadel, walls, gates, street patterns, bazaar
  2. The Mosque:  Cordova, Iran, Turkey
  3. Palaces:  early; Alhambra; garden estates Lahore
  4. Mausoleums and Shrines: Dome of the Rock; Taj Mahal

Lisa Golombek received her B.A. from Barnard College, New York in 1962; M.A. and Ph.D. in 1968 from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in History of Art, with specialization in Islamic Art.  She is currently Curator Emeritus at the Royal Ontario Museum and Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto.



Dr. Lisa Golomek has travelled widely in the Islamic world, specializing in the arts of Iran. Her publications cover a wide range of fields--architecture, gardens, urban history, painting, textiles, ceramics, and calligraphy--with a focus on the Timurid and Safavid periods. Her collaborative study of 16th-17th century Persian pottery, influenced by the global trade in Chinese blue-and-white porcelain, has just been published by Brill and the Royal Ontario Museum.

This Program is Free and All Are Welcome








Recollections of a Neighbourhood

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This book abRecollections-cover-2014-150x185_0BA2BF7616B64FF18A20B92320E46E33out a tiny enclave ensconced amidst the stately buildings of the University of Toronto, bounded by the ever-changing Bloor Street in an area dubbed Huron-Sussex, has many stories to tell. It exposes urban myths about the area, lovingly highlights beautiful architecture through photographs, and tells its story through the people that lived it. 

Join panelists John Parry, publisher, Anne Vellone, graphic designer and photographer and Harold Averill, archivist as they describe the journey to publishing this very special book.



Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Beeton Auditorium, Toronto Reference Library 


The Toronto Collection found on the 2nd floor of The Toronto Reference Library houses (no pun intended) many books on Toronto's unique neighbourhoods. Here are a few on this area:














Performing Arts Manuscript and Archival Collections at the Toronto Reference Library, letters T-Z.

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The Toronto Reference Library has rich and varied archival collections of theatre and performing arts manuscripts, photographs and ephemera with an emphasis on Canadian content. These can be found in the Marilyn and Charles Baillie Special Collections Centre.

  Marilyn & Charles Baillie Special Collections Centre

We will be writing six blog posts listing all the collections alphabetically by name and providing a pdf link to a detailed inventory of each fond describing the contents.

See here for the blog post covering A-C.

See here for the blog post covering D-G.

See here for the blog post covering H-L.

See here for the blog post covering M-N.

See here for the blog post covering O-S.

We welcome questions about the collection to

  • Taverner Collection, Part 2 Material added to the original Taverner bequest, including original cabinet photographs, copies of original photographs in the collection of Canadian Theatre scholar Murray Edwards, photocopies of correspondence in the collection of Mr. Edwards, a photocopy of the guest book from one of the Taverner family cottages, now in the collection of Corwin Ferguson (a distant relation of the Taverner family), and copies of photographs from that guest book. Download Taverner Collection, Part 2 DF
  • Tearsheets on British and U.S. Stage Productions, 1818-1933 2 boxes Download Tearsheets on British and U.S. Stage Productions PDF
  • Marie Tempest Collection Items relating to the career of British actress Marie Tempest (1864-1942) including production photographs and material concerning her tour of Canada and the United States in 1914-1915. Download Tempest, Marie Collection PDF
  • Ellen Terry Collection Material relating to the career of British actress Ellen Terry (1848-1928) especially period photographs of Miss Terry in various roles.  See also the Edward Gordon Craig Collection, and Walker Theatre photographs. 1 box; 114 items; .4 linear metres Download Terry, Ellen Collection PDF
  • Theatre Toronto Collection (1964-1969) Represents the records of Theatre Toronto (originally named the Canadian Crest Players Foundation), formed as a merger of the Canadian Players Foundation and the Crest Players. Includes Theatre Toronto scrapbooks, prompt scripts, correspondence and financial reports, and also Crest Theatre financial records and Canadian Crest Players material. See also Canadian Players Scrapbooks and Crest Theatre Collection for additional material on these companies.  2 boxes; .815 linear meters; 1059 items. Download Theatre Toronto Collection PDF
  • Toronto Children Players Collection 2 boxes: 98 envelopes  Download Toronto Children Players Collection PDF
  • Toronto Childrens Players Collection: Supplement 2. 12 boxes total Download Toronto Children Players Supplement 2 PDF
  • Toronto Public Library Scrapbooks Containing newspaper clippings of Toronto theatrical ads, 1916 – 1930.  Items are fragile; microfilm copy should be used (Film T686.6, PerArts Desk). Theatrical Ads.  Scrapbook #125: Toronto Theatre, etc. 1910s & 1920s.Articles on companies, individuals and subjects; production reviews.  Items are fragile; microfilm copy should be used (Film T686.5) Scrapbook #238: Toronto Theatre, etc. 1920s-1940s Articles on companies, individuals and subjects; production reviews.  Items are fragile; microfilm copy should be used (Film T686.5). Scrapbook #278: Toronto Theatre, 1940s & 50s Articles on companies, individuals and subjects; production reviews.  Items are fragile; microfilm copy should be used (Film T686.5) Download Toronto Public Library Scrapbooks PDF
  • Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree Collection (1890 – 1915) Photographs, programs and a scrapbook relating to the career of actor-manager Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree (1853-1917). 1 box (22 envelopes); .43 linear metres Download Tree, Sir Herbert Beerbohm Collection PDF
  • Thomas Turvey and Thomas Hilton Turvey Collection (c.1875-c. 1911) Very little information is known about Thomas Turvey and Thomas Hilton-Turvey.  After serving as organist for several British churches, Thomas Turvey came to Toronto around 1875 to become organist at the West Methodist Metropolitan Church.  He is represented in this unit by a manuscript copy of a mass and by his published work “Te deum laudamus”. Thomas Hilton-Turvey (his son?) was born in Birkenhead, England in 1863, studied at the University of Pennsylvania and taught in Philadelphia.  He was predominantly a songwriter, and published over thirty compositions. 1 box; 5 items, 0.22 m  Download Turvey, Thomas Collection PDF


  • Herman Voaden Collection (1929–1974) Material relating to the career of Canadian playwright and educator Herman Voaden (1903-1991) including programs, photographs, reviews, scripts (see also Performing Arts Centre for numerous collections edited by Voaden, and for copies of his published players), articles on his theories of education and of Symphonic Expressionism, and material relevant to the founding of the Canadian Council of the Arts, of which he was the first president. 22 envelopes and 1 scrapbook; .07 linear meters.  Download Voaden, Herman Collection PDF
  • Boris Volkoff Collection (1924-1975) approx. 1600 items, 11.25 linear ft. Download Volkoff, Boris Collection PDf
  • Walker Theatre Collection (1907-1909) Studio and production photographs from this Winnipeg, Manitoba road house theatre. 168 photographs (1 box, .7 metre) Download Walker Theatre Collection PDF 
  • Dorothy Watkins Collection (1940–1950) Material relating to the career of Canadian composer and performer Dorothy Watkins (1896-1978).  Co-author with Brian Doherty of the wartime RCAF hit “Up, Up, Up We Go”, she was active with her sister Jessie MacDonald during World War II in the Active Service Canteen and the Merry-Go-Round Revue.  Later she toured with “The Drunkard” and the revues “There Goes Yesterday” and “Clap Hands”.  The collection includes correspondence, programmes, clippings, photographs and especially music manuscripts, parts and cues for “The Drunkard” and “There Goes Yesterday”. 1 box: 20 envelopes; .075 linear metres Download Walker Theatre Collection PDF
  • Al Waxman Collection (1959-1991) Papers of actor/director/producer Al Waxman (1935-2001), including scrapbooks, photographs, correspondence, scripts, newspaper clippings and documents relating to his career in the theatre, film and television and his involvement in various community and philanthropic organizations. The collection includes extensive material on the television program King of Kensington. Organization of the collection is based on Mr. Waxman’s original filing order. 11 boxes; 4.4 linear metres. Download Waxman, Al Collection PDF

  • Al Waxman Collection, Part 2 (c. 1967-2001) Papers of actor/director/producer Al Waxman (1935-2001), including scrapbooks, photographs, correspondence, scripts, newspaper clippings and documents relating to his career in the theatre, film and television, and his involvement in various community and philanthropic organizations. The collection includes extensive material on his roles in such popular television series as King of Kensington and Cagney and Lacey. Organization of the collection is based on Mr. Waxman’s original filing order. 18 boxes; approx. 6 linear metres  Download Waxman, Al Collection, Part 2 PDF
  • Whispering City Collection (1947) Film stills and publicity photographs for the Canadian film Whispering City (French title:  La Forteresse, pre-release title:  The Stronghold) together with photographs of the production company, Quebec Production Company, the studios and the Montreal premiere. 1 box: 1 file folder and 11 envelopes; .08 linear metres (209 photos & 4 negatives)  Download Whispering City Collection PDF
  • Whittaker’s Theatre Collection (1975–1986) Correspondence and other documents relating to the funding, editing and publication of  Whittaker’s Theatre; a critic looks at stages in Canada and thereabouts 1944-1975  edited by Ronald Bryden with Boyd Neil, and published by the Whittaker Project through the University of Toronto Press.  Includes letters of permission from newspapers, photographers, actors and various archives; correspondence concerning the organization of the Tribute, collected by head of the organizing committee William H. Graham; discussion and acknowledgements of the free distribution of the book to libraries, educational institutions and interested individuals. Whittaker’s Theatre is a collection of reviews by critic Herbert Whittaker taken from the Montreal Gazette and the Toronto Globe and Mail. 1 box: 12 files and envelopes; .125 linear metres Download Whittaker's Theatre Collection PDF
  • Mary Wigman Collection (1886-1973) This collection of photocopies of letters, together with a taped conversation (kept in The Theatre Department) were donated by Canadian dancer Judy Jarvis in memory of her teacher, the German dancer Mary Wigman. The letters were written over the last eight years of her life, at a time when her health was failing.  They combine comments on Ms. Jarvis’ dance career with miscellaneous details of her life in Germany at the time.  It is interesting to compare these letters with items in The Mary Wigman Book*, for an overall picture of the period. Mary Wigman died in 1973 of complications from a leg broken three years earlier; in the last years of her life her sight also deteriorated to the extent that she was almost blind.  There is frequent mention in the letters of her frustration with her recurrent illness, and her handwriting is difficult to read towards the end. The letters are primarily in English (she was educated in England in her youth), with few passages in German.  There are also several odd paragraphs by her companion Anni Hess Hesschen). 1 envelope; 48 items
  • Wingham Opera House Collection (1884; 1905-1909) A selection of postcards and letters to the Town Clerk, Wingham, Ontario from performers wishing to book the Wingham Opera House, some on ornate letterhead advertising their specialties. 2 envelopes; 33 items Download Wingham Opera House Collection PDF
  • Women's Musical Club of Toronto (1898-2000) Papers including minutes, annual reports, programs and reviews documenting the activities of this local organization established to promote music in Toronto by presenting concerts and funding prizes for promising young performers. 5 boxes; 1.55 linear metres Download Womens Musical Club of Toronto Collection PDF
  • Bill Young Autograph Book (1909-1911) Download Young, Bill Autograph Book PDF

TRL Program Caldendar October 2014

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Meet TPL's new Entrepreneur in Residence, Sunny Verma, founder and President of TutorBright. Then meet TPL's new Innovator in Residence, filmaker Sarah Goodman. Or maybe just be Game Curious.

Click on each image to enlarge or Download The October 2014 @ TRL as a pdf file.

For a full list of programs to browse or search, check out our Programs, Classes and Exhibits page.

October 1 October 2 October 3
*Please call 416-393-7209 to register for all programs in the Le@rning Centre*

October 4 October 5

Performing Arts Manuscript and Archival Collections at the Toronto Reference Library, letters O-S.

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The Toronto Reference Library has rich and varied archival collections of theatre and performing arts manuscripts, photographs and ephemera with an emphasis on Canadian content. These can be found in the Marilyn and Charles Baillie Special Collections Centre.

Marilyn & Charles Baillie Special Collections Centre

We will be writing six blog posts listing all the collections alphabetically by name and providing a pdf link to a detailed inventory of each fond describing the contents.

See here for the blog post covering A-C.

See here for the blog post covering D-G.

See here for the blog post covering H-L.

See here for the blog post covering M-N.

See here for the blog post covering T-Z.

We welcome questions about the collection to

  • Ontario Theatre Study Download Ontario Theatre Study PDF
  • Ottawa Theatres Collection Material relating to theatre in Ottawa, including programmes from the Galvin Theatre in 1928-1929, programs and clippings for the Ottawa Drama League from 1923-1951, and its continuation, the Ottawa Little Theatre, from 1951 through the present.  There is also a small selection of programs and clippings for the Orpheus Amateur Operatic Society which sometimes presented co productions with the Ottawa Drama League.

    This collection was primarily the gift of Mrs. Peggy Marshall Peacock who, together with her mother, Mrs. Elsie Carey Marshall, was active in Ottawa amateur theatre.  This collection also includes some correspondence re: Elsie Marshall’s early professional career with the Galvin Players, and items pertaining to her appearance at the Dominion Drama Festival in 1936.  The Marshall gift is augmented with extensive notes on the Ottawa Drama League by Saturday Night critic Margaret Ness, and clippings and programs from the Theatre Department collection. 2 boxes; 28 Envelopes; .8 linear metres Download Ottawa Theatres Collection PDF

  • Pat Patterson Collection (1964-1986) Scrapbooks, scripts and recording documenting Red Riding Hood, The Dandy Lion and Popcorn Man, children’s plays by Canadian playwrights and broadcasters Pat Patterson and Dodi Robb. List of productions prepared by Pat Patterson in December 1986 in folder at front with various addenda. 5 scrapbooks, 2 posters, 1 tape; .42 linear metres Download Patterson, Pat Collection PDF

  • John Pennoyer Sketchbook (1983-1984) Notebook with sketches and production notes compiled by Canadian stage designer John Pennoyer, dealing with productions of Love’s Labours Lost at the Stratford Festival in 1983 and 1984, and with Top Girls at the Tarragon Theatre in 1984.  Includes director’s notes, picture research, rough sketches for costumes and props, lists, ideas, caricatures, etc. 1 notebook; 220 pages Download Pennoyer, John Collection PDF
  • Prompt Scripts Collection Miscellaneous typescripts and acting editions not part of other archival collections. 2 boxes; 16 items  Download Prompt Scripts Collection PDF

  • Nancy Pyper Collection (1919-1974) the sixth artistic director of Hart House Theatre. Note that additional material on each segment of her career is available on the microfilm of the Nancy Pyper Scrapbooks in the Performing Arts Centre. Two boxes and two oversize packages; 59 envelopes of approximately 611 items.  1.61 linear metres. Download Pyper, Nancy Collection PDF
  • Red Barn Theatre Collection (1962, 1963) Material relating to the Red Barn Theatre and their seasons at Jackson’s Point/Orillia the summer of 1962, and at the Central Library Theatre, Toronto the season of 1962/1963. The files are divided by season, and arranged in the filing order devised by the company. Included are financial records, some correspondence with actors and directors, and documentation of the many details involved in running a theatrical company.  The code at the end of the contents description of each file is the filing code assigned by the theatre. 1 box: 48 Files; .45 linear metres Download Red Barn Theatre Collection PDF

  • W.L. Reed Collection A collection of programs from amateur operetta and light opera productions mainly in Toronto, 1921-1949, collected by W.L. Reed who performed in light opera.  Download Reed, W.L. Collection PDF
  • Ted Reive Collection (1938-1989) Autographs, autograph books, autographed photographs of celebrities and correspondence with celebrities from the estate of Toronto collector and playwright Ted Reive.  The collection also includes autographed theatre programs from the 1940’s-1980’s (a good section of popular productions in Toronto and New York), and plays, monologues, songs and lyrics written by Mr. Reive, some of which were performed on CBC Radio, by Spring Thaw, etc. 8 boxes; 1.61 linear metres Download Reive, Ted Collection PDF
  • Léo Roy Collection (1916-1941) One of Canada’s most prolific composers according to the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada states he composed about 350 original works, made 800 harmonizations and 400 transcriptions.  As the majority remain unpublished, Roy’s manuscripts are invaluable evidence of his work (born 1887 and died 1974).

    This collection is comprised of thirteen music manuscripts: eight original compositions, two arrangements and three copies.  All but one are dedicated to Mona Bates who was the first internationally renowned Canadian pianist.  13 items, 0.22 m. Download Roy, Léo Collection PDF

  • Thomas Scott Collection Grand Opera House (c. 1876-1900) 2 boxes Download Scott, Thomas Collection PDF

  • Scrapbook of Music and Theatre Programs Toronto, Hamilton, New York (1933-1949) A scrapbook of programs compiled by an anonymous theatregoer containing 58 theatre, concert, opera and dance programmes for productions mainly at the Eaton Auditorium, Massey Hall, Palace Theatre (Hamilton), Savoy Theatre (Hamilton), and the Royal Alexandra.  The programs, dating from 1933 to 1949, are in no particular order. 1 scrapbook Download Scrapbook Music & Theatre Programs PDF
  • Shaw Festival Construction Photographs Niagara-on-the Lake, Ontario

    Photographic record of the reconstruction of the Festival Theatre, from digging of the first sod by the founder Brian Doherty, to the completed building, April 1972 through June 12, 1973.

    Included, in chronological order, are groundbreaking, levelling of site, construction of foundations, placements of beams and girders with details of the fly tower, views of interior and exterior walls at various stages, details of electrical and plumbing work, selection of seats, public viewings and inspections by the architects, Festival officials and company members, finishing of interior, hanging of curtain, presentation of Canadian government cheque by Joe Green, and interior and exterior views of the finished building.

    Album of 120 3 ½ x 5 photographs (44 colour and 76 black & white) and 1 7 ¼ x 8 black and white photographs, photographed and compiled by William G. Helwig, Niagara-on-the-Lake. 1 album; .36 linear metres Download Shaw Festival Construction Photos PDF

  • Nelson Smith Collection (c. 1948 – 1952) Photographs by Canadian photographer and graphic artist Nelson Smith, of productions at Melody Fair and by the Earle Grey Players, together with portraits of the actors active in these and other companies around Toronto at the time. 43 photographs; .63 linear metres Download Smith, Nelson Collection PDF
  • Ned Sparks Collection Canadian born character actor. 2 boxes; 10 linear centimetres Download Sparks, Ned Collection PDF
  • St. Stephen’s Church, Toronto Collection 1 envelope, ms. box Download St. Stephen's Church collection PDF
  • Phyllis Malcolm Stewart (1916-1982) the papers of the Canadian actress – a scrapbook of programs dating from her days as a music student in Germany and England in the mid-1930s; a scrapbook and correspondence for the Bala Players in 1947; general correspondence; photographs; programs; contracts and call sheets for CBC productions; scripts including items from episodes of A Gift to Last; manuscripts of plays, poetry, and prose by Miss Stewart and others; tapes of CBC radio dramas, audition pieces and poetry; and an original costume design. 2 boxes: 58 envelopes, 1 large scrapbook, 8 tapes, 1 poster; .86 linear metres Download Stewart, Phyllis Malcolm Collection PDF 
  • Straw Hat Players Collection (1953, 1958, 1965-66) This collection consists primarily of material documenting two years in the history of the Straw Hat Players.  This summer theatre located in Port Carling, Ontario was founded by Donald and Murray Davis in 1948, first playing at the Gravenhurst Opera House with scheduled appearances in various locations in the Muskoka area.  The material here was donated by Alan Hughes, producer of the Straw Hat Players during the summers of Affairs of State and Angel Street, and the 1958 production of Born Yesterday, these donated by Donald Davis.  Programs and clippings covering other years of the Straw Hat Players are in the Performing Arts Centre. 2 boxes; 20 envelopes; .2 linear metres Download Straw Hat Players Collection PDF
  • Eleanor Stuart Collection (1903-1977) Includes biographical material, correspondence, programs, press clippings, lecture notes and photographs of Montreal-born actress and teacher Eleanor Stuart Nichol (c.1901 – May 11, 1977).7 envelopes; 74 items; .01 metres; 2 scrapbooks Download Stuart, Eleanor Collection PDF
  • Studio Lab Collection  Download Studio Lab Collection PDF
  • George Summers Collection (1889-1947) 1 box (25 envelopes) Download Summers, George Collection PDF


Participate in a Symposium on Our Diverse Cultural Heritage - September 30th

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Heritage is a word that resonates with us on different levels. We use it to refer to our ancestors and ethnic backgrounds, an historic building or cultural property that may have unique qualities of times past, or even something that we want to preserve like a plant or animal - a heritage rose, perhaps.

Tuesday evening September 30th, 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m., join Heritage Toronto at the Toronto Reference Library Atrium for a symposium on Our Shared Past : Toronto's Diverse People, Places and Events. This Symposium will be your opportunity to contribute and help inform the State of Heritage Report (2015), which is prepared during each municipal election year. The symposium is free, but Heritage Toronto encourages you to pre-register.


Karen Carter, Executive Director of Heritage Toronto, along with 6 panelists, will look at meaningful ways to weave stories of cultural diversity into the broader narrative of Toronto. 

The panelists include Ceta Ramkhalawansingh, City Councillor, and past Manager, Diversity Management and Community Engagement, City of Toronto; Tanzina Islam, Project Coordinator, CASSA (Council of Agencies Serving South Asians); Scott Kettles, Executive Director, Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives; Carolyn King, Former Chief, Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation; and Nation Cheong, Director, Youth Initiatives, United Way Toronto.

"Diversity Our Strength" is the motto that describes our city. It refers to the combined strength of seven municipalities amalgamated to create the City of Toronto. Diversity also describes the different backgrounds, experiences, outlooks and thoughts of our panelists.

The Toronto Reference Library has a huge collection of material on both heritage and diversity : people, places and events. Much of it can be found on the second floor in the Humanities and Social Sciences Department.

Building Nations From Diversity Negotiating Culture World Heritage and National Registers Cultural Diversity

The City of Toronto has been exploring the issues of multiculturalism, diversity and ethnicity for many years. A sampling of titles from our Toronto Collection.


Performing Arts Manuscript and Archival Collections at the Toronto Reference Library, letters M-N

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The Toronto Reference Library has rich and varied archival collections of theatre and performing arts manuscripts, photographs and ephemera with an emphasis on Canadian content. These can be found in the Marilyn and Charles Baillie Special Collections Centre.

Marilyn & Charles Baillie Special Collections Centre

We will be writing six blog posts listing all the collections alphabetically by name and providing a pdf link to a detailed inventory of each fond describing the contents.

See here for the blog post covering A-C.

See here for the blog post covering D-G.

See here for the blog post covering H-L.

See here for the blog post covering O-S.

See here for the blog post covering T-Z.

We welcome questions about the collection to

  • Jane Mallett Collection (1926–1973) Material relating to the career of Canadian actress Jane Keenleyside Mallett (1899-1984), known as Jane Aldworth during her early career at the Empire Theatre in the 1920s.  Primarily consists of copies of selected material in the private collection of Jane Mallett, originals to be deposited with the National Archives of Canada. (Note that the National Archives collection also contains material received earlier from Jane Mallett, not duplicated here). 1 box; 33 envelopes; 308 items; .4 linear metres Download Mallett, Jane Collection PDF
  • Jane Mallett Collection, Part 2 Correspondence, photographs, scripts and audio visual material documenting the career of Canadian actress Jane Keenleyside Mallett (1899-1984).  Includes material on the Actors Fund of Canada from 1957-1974, where she served as president; papers and financial records of Jane Mallett Associates, a production company she formed with Robert Christie and Donald Harron, which presented Fine Frenzy (1955), The Dream (1965) and Here Lies Sarah Binks (1968); minutes for Select Talent, a co-operative talent agency, and an extensive collection of scripts in manuscript and typescript form covering her career as a comic monologist and performer on Canadian radio, television, film and stage.

    This material, donated by her estate, is in addition to items loaned to the Theatre Department in 1982 for copying (see Jane Mallett Collection, Part 1).  Researchers are advised that extensive material is also available at the National Archives of Canada. 8 boxes and 3 oversize items; 3.6 linear metres  Download Mann, Martha suppl 2 PDF

  • Jane Mallett Collection, Part 3 (1899-1984) Additional material form the estate of Canadian actress Jane Keenleyside Mallett (1899-1984).  Includes biographical and family history material, diaries (day books), correspondence, clippings, photographs and scripts documenting her acting career beginning with student work at the Hart House Theatre, continuing as a comedienne in Town Tonics in the 1930s, her production of Fine Frenzy in 1955, roles with the New Play Society, especially in the annual revue Spring Thaw, and various other acting roles in theatre, film, radio and television.  3 boxes; 1.2 linear metres Download Mallett, Jane Collection, Part 3 PDF
  • Martha Mann Collection Original stage designs, fabric swatches, photographs, design notes and production research material from Toronto theatre, opera, film and television designer Martha Mann.  Additional materials also housed in Stage Designs Collection. 13 boxes; 1 folder oversize designs Download Mann, Martha Collection PDF

  • Martha Mann Collection: Supplement # 1 Original stage designs, fabric swatches, photographs, design notes and production research material from Toronto theatre, opera, film and television designer Martha Mann.  Additional materials also housed in Stage Designs Collection. Download Mann, Martha suppl 1 PDF
  • Martha Mann Collection: Supplement # 2 Original stage designs, fabric swatches, photographs, design notes and production research material from Toronto theatre, opera, film and television designer Martha Mann.  Additional materials also housed in Stage Designs Collection. Download Mann, Martha suppl 2 PDF 
  • Charles Manny Collection (1905-1962) Includes photographs, programs, a scrapbook, sheet music, original vaudeville scripts and routines, playbills and correspondence documenting Mr. Manny’s career as a vaudeville performer in North America and in England.  Included is material on the Arlington Comedy Four, a group with which he began his show business career at age 15; also items relating to Manny and Roberts (his later performing partnership with Ashley Roberts, also of the Arlington Four), and his wife Miss Lillian Clay.  He was also active
    as a talent agent in England for vaudeville and music hall performers. 2 boxes: .21 linear metres; 13 playbills. Download Manny, Charles Collection PDF

  • Marks Brothers Collection (1870s - 1920s) Canadian vaudeville theatrical troupe. 3 boxes  Download Marks Brothers Collection PDF

  • McAlpine Scrapbooks (1855-1926) The McAlpine theatrical scrapbooks, collected and donated by Mrs. McAlpine in two volumes, consist of cast lists and programs for late 19th and early 20th century theatre productions in North America and Britain chiefly, including Toronto theatres.  Theatres best represented are the Grand Opera House, Princess Theatre, and Royal Alexandra Theatre.  The scrapbooks also contain some newspaper clippings on theatre and performers.  Productions are indexed by title.  Download McAlpine Scrapbooks PDF

  • Ramona McBean Collection (1931-1978) Includes scrapbooks, correspondence, photographs, programmes, scripts and press clippings kept by Winnipeg-born actress Ramona Sinclair McBean (1905-1978), whose long career included work for radio and motion pictures as well as many roles with Bastion Theatre, Victoria; Theatre 77 and Manitoba Theatre Centre, Winnipeg; and Theatre New Brunswick, St. John. 2 boxes; 183 items; .52 metres. Download McBean, Ramona Collection PDF

  • John McCormack Collection Tenor John McCormack, born June 14, 1884 in Athlone, Ireland, began his singing career in 1904 after winning several competitions. He made his operatic debut at Covent Garden in 1907, and his American debut in 1909 at the Manhattan Opera House, where he sang with Luisa Tetrazzini. He accompanied the great Nellie Melba on a tour of Australia in 1911, and sang with many other great singers of the period. From 1912 he began to concentrate his performances mainly on recitals. In 1938 he retired from the concert stage with a farewell recital at the Albert Hall. He received many honours including Chevalier of the Legion d’Honneur in 1924 and the title of Papal Count from Pope Pius X in 1928. He died in Dublin in 1945.This collection, which includes scrapbooks, programs, photographs, books, music, recordings and memorabilia was compiled by Mrs. Bertha Hallam White of Toronto, an Honorary Life Vice President of the John McCormack Society of Ireland.  8 boxes, 1 outsize scrapbook, 125 records; 4.2 linear metres Download McCormack, John Collection PDF

  • E.A. McDowell and Company Collection (1875 – 1978) Includes photographs, programs and playbills, and recent research on the American actor/manager Eugene A. McDowell, whose theatrical companies toured extensively in Canada during the period between 1875 and 1890.
    1 box: 141 items; .45 metres. Download McDowell, E.A. and Company Collection PDF
  • Don McGill Collection This collection of scripts and related materials for Don McGill’s radio programs, came to the Music Department of the Metropolitan Toronto Library in 1979.  McGill, a well-known Toronto broadcaster at the CBC in music and the arts, had for many years been the host to such series as Opera Theatre and Symphony Hall, and had developed programs devoted to the music of particular composers. To a lesser extent there is evidence of an interest in Canadian poetry and drama.

    The materials in the collection include his actual scripts, program schedules, operatic plot outlines, newspaper and magazine reviews, glossy photos of opera singers, miscellaneous photocopies from records jackets, issues of Opera News, poetry, copies of contracts with the BC, and one or two related but more personal letters. 12 boxes, 1003 items, 47 copies of Opera News, 119 photocopies, 13 concert programs, 1 libretto, 5 photos. Download McGill Collection PDF

  • Ralph Messinger Collection (1946-1963) Ralph Messinger (1915-1984) was involved with various theatre groups in Montreal and Toronto from the 1940s through early 1960s, and also active in the Central Ontario Drama League and Dominion Drama Festival.  This collection includes photographs, programs, newspaper clippings, production books, prompt scripts for plays presented by the Belmont Group Theatre, the Welsh Players, Actors Company, and Playcraftsmen, groups in which he either acted or served as stage manager.  Also included are correspondence and financial records of several theatre groups’ trips to the Dominion Drama Festival finals in Halifax, Edmonton and Regina and material related to the Central Ontario Drama League Festival in 1956 and 1957, and box office records for the C.O.D.L. Festival in 1959.  1 box; 18 files and envelopes; .41 linear metres Download Messinger, Ralph Collection PDF

  • Edward Miller Collection (1864-1894) Contents of scrapbook kept by Edward Thomas (Ned) Miller (1846-1908), interlocutor of the Maple Leaf Minstrels. Download Miller, Edward Collection PDF

  • W.S. Milne Collection (1914-1979) Material relating to the career of Canadian playwright William S. Milne (1902-1979), including correspondence and programs for plays he wrote, appeared in or directed.  Also includes his Master’s dissertation for the University of Toronto, and a series of letters and poems written by the artist T.G. Greene. 1 box: 8 envelopes .07 linear metres  Download Millne, W.S. Collection PDF

  • Montreal Dance Collection (1941-1971) Programs and photographs relating to ballet and dance in Montreal, donated to the Montreal Department by Canadian dancer Alex Pereima.  Includes photographs of Montreal choreographer and dancer Fernand Nault, who worked with Ballet Theatre at the time of Nault’s association with the company, when they toured to Montreal, and photographs of American Ballet Theatre’s leading dancers who performed as guest artists with the Montreal Ballet Company and Les Ballets Québec. 1 box (26 envelopes) .41 linear metres Download Montreal Dance Collection PDF
  • Montreal Repertory Theatre Collection (1930-1961) Programs, photographs, scrapbooks, prompt scripts, etc. relating to the Montreal Repertory Theatre.  See also Cue Magazine in the Periodicals Centre (which sometimes includes the programs for productions) and microfiches of additional newspaper articles on the theatre. 3 boxes and 2 scrapbooks; .805 linear metres Download Montreal Repertory Theatre PDF
  • Montreal Theatre Record (1899-1904) Scrapbooks of programs from Montreal principally, also New York, London and Paris from 1899 to 1904, compiled by a member of an upper class Montreal family (probably English-Canadian) with notes on the productions and his/her companions at the theatre.  An interesting record of theatrical tastes of the period.

    Most programs have been removed and incorporated into the Theatre Programs collection of Montreal theatre programs (especially the Montreal Academy of Music), and late 19th and early 20th century British theatre programs.  The notes of date, theatre, and title of production remain in this manuscript collection, as do duplicate programs. 2 scrapbooks Download Montreal Theatre Record PDF

  • Samuel Morgan-Powell Collection (1913-1958) Manuscripts by and correspondence to the late Samuel Morgan-Powell (1867-1962) literary and dramatic critic of the Montreal Star from 1907 through 1953; and editor from 1940 to 1946. 1 box; 15 items; .065 linear metres Download Morgan-Powell, Samuel Collection PDF
  • National Theatre School, Montreal (1958-1959)  17 items in correspondence and papers (1958-1959) Filed in Crest Theatre Collection, Box #31, Folder #60  Download National Theatre School Montreal PDF
  • Harold Nelson Collection (1902-1904) 1 envelope Download Nelson, Harold Collection PDF
  • New Empire Players Collection (1932-1933) Scrapbook of press clippings compiled by Harriett Ball, press rep for the New Empire Players, the stock company at the Empire Theatre, Temperance Street, Toronto, November 1932 to January 1933. 1 scrapbook Download New Empire Players Collection PDF


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Performing Arts Manuscript and Archival Collections at the Toronto Reference Library, letters H-L

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The Toronto Reference Library has rich and varied archival collections of theatre and performing arts manuscripts, photographs and ephemera with an emphasis on Canadian content. These can be found in the Marilyn and Charles Baillie Special Collections Centre.

Marilyn & Charles Baillie Special Collections Centre

We will be writing six blog posts listing all the collections by alphabetically by name and providing a pdf link to a detailed inventory of each fond describing the contents.

See here for the blog post covering A-C.

See here for the blog post covering D-G.

See here for the blog post covering M-N.

See here for the blog post covering 0-S.

See here for the blog post covering T-Z.

We welcome questions about the collection to

      • Amelia Hall Collection Photographs, prompt scripts and acting exercises donated by the estate of Canadian actress Amelia Hall (1915-1984).  Includes material from the Canadian Repertory Theatre, Ottawa Drama League, Montreal Repertory Theatre, Stratford Festival and Shaw Festival.  The photographs are copies made from originals in her personal collection, now in the Public Archives of Canada.  Many had been planned for use as illustrations in the book she was writing on the Canadian Repertory Theatre.  Also available in the Performing Arts Centre is a microfilm copy of the Amelia Hall Scrapbooks (the originals now in the National Archives). 2 boxes; 64 envelopes and 1 framed photograph; .8 linear metres. Download Hall, Amelia Collection PDF

      • Guy Claude Hamel Collection Mimeographed playscripts and materials relating to Hamel Theatre Productions, an amateur theatre group producing plays with varying religious content in Toronto in the early 1970s. Download Hamel, Guy Claude Collection PDF
      • Barbara Hamilton Collection (1952-1996) Correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, programs, publicity material, scrapbooks, tape recordings and video tapes relating to the stage and television career of Canadian actress and comedienne Barbara Hamilton (1926-1996). Among her many roles, Miss Hamilton acted in Spring Thaw, the Crest Theatre, and created the role of Marilla in the first Charlottetown Festival production of Anne of Green Gables. 4 boxes: .87 linear metres + 1 pkg. oversize material Download Hamilton, Barbara Collection PDF
      • Cara Hartwell Collection (1914-1983) Correspondence, autographs collected by Miss Cara Hartwell of Toronto.  Includes letters from many famous personalities in the arts world, actors, playwrights, authors, opera singers, dancers and film directors.  Also includes photographs, many autographed, of music personalities, a series of autograph books, and a collection of autographed cards.  Among the letters are letters from W. Somerset Maugham from 1935 to 1955, several mentioning his tastes in literature and commenting on some of his own books and plans for books.  There is also a series of letters from dancer Ted Shawn relating interesting anecdotes about his experiences with motion pictures and with astrology.  Especially informative is correspondence from other film fans describing visits to retired movie stars and giving biographical details and “what ever happened to” information on stars of the silent film era.

        Over the years, Miss Hartwell has made many generous gifts to the Theatre Department. Her donation of photographs and film stills formed the basis of the department’s photograph collection.  The photos of actors and dancers from this most recent gift have been interfiled with this larger collection.  Her gifts of books, recordings and such film fan periodicals as Photoplay have also been added to the general collection. 2 boxes; 52 envelopes + box of cards; 71 linear metres Download Hartwell, Cara Collection PDF

      • Sir John Martin Harvey Collection (1884-1944) Material relating to the career of the English actor-manager Sir John Martin Harvey (1863-1944), including portrait photographs and photo postcards, production photographs, programs, souvenir booklets, several signed letters, and six watercolour and drawings by John Martin Harvey on his 1884 Canadian tour with Henry Irving. 2 boxes; 51 envelopes, 2 packages, .66 linear metres Download Harvey, Sir John Martin Collection PDF

      • Ralph Hicklin Collection He was an arts critic for both the Toronto Telegram and the Globe & Mail during the 1960s.  The collection consists of 28 scrapbooks (27 boxed + 1 loose oversize item) along with reviews, talks, scripts, drafts, photos, slides, correspondence and tapes. As indicated, many photos have been transferred to the Theatre Photographs collection. 2 boxes + 1 scrapbook Download Hicklin, Ralph Collection PDF

      • Winifred Hicks-Lyne Photograph Album 423 postcard size photographs of English stage personalities of the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century.   Download Hicks-Lyne, Winifred Photograph Album PDF
      • H.E. Hitchman Collection (1922-1931) Photographs and programs documenting the stage appearance of Canadian actor H. E. Hitchman, mainly from productions at Hart House Theatre, and including a tour to Banff in the summer of 1931 with the Alfred Heather Light Opera Company.  The collection also includes an original sketch of Hitchman by Arthur Lismer. 1 box; 26 envelopes, .065 linear metres Download Hitchman, HE Collection PDF
      • Pam Hyatt Collection (1958-1990) Clippings, programs and photographs documenting the career of actress/singer/comedienne Pam Hyatt (born in Garden City, Long Island, but who had made her career in Canada).  Her acting credits include roles at the Stratford Festival, Young Peoples Theatre, Sudbury Theatre Centre, Muskoka Festival, Mountain Playhouse, and CBC radio and TV. 1 box; 13 files/envelopes, .065 linear metres Download Hyatt, Pam Collection PDF


      • Sir Henry Irving Collection (1874-1905) Programs, photographs, drawings and engravings relating to the career of the English actor-manager, Sir Henry Irving (1838-1905). 1 box and 1 package; 1 linear metre Download Irving, Sir Henry Collection PDF
      • Nella Jefferis Collection (1915-1944) Scrapbook describing the career of Canadian actress Nella Jefferis, (d.1944), active in Toronto, New York, and touring in Ottawa and western Canada.  Includes programs, clippings and several photographs documenting her work at the Hart House Theatre, The Arts and Letters Club, and with the Cameron Matthews English Players, among others. 1 scrapbook, 58 pgs. (in box); .10 linear metres Download Jefferis, Nella Collection PDF
      • Sydney Johnson Collection Articles by Montreal theatre critic Sydney Johnson (d. 1988), that appeared in the Montreal Star from 1961 to 1968. 139 articles; .102 linear metres Download Johnson, Sydney Collection PDF
      • Jupiter Theatre Collection 23 annotated play copies (acting and stage manager’s copies, 1951-1953). Download Jupiter Theatre Collection PDF
      • Jack Karr Collection (1938-1979) Scrapbooks and papers of Toronto columnist and public relations man Jack Kerr, film and drama critic for the Toronto Star (1938-1959), publicity head for the Stratford Festival (1959-1965) and later the O’Keefe Centre (1965-1976). 7 boxes; 3.46 linear metres Download Karr, Jack Collection PDF
      • Karsh Photographs Collection (1940s) Photographs by Canadian photographer Yousuf Karsh (1908-2002) of personalities active in theatre and opera. See also:  Dominion Drama Festival Collection. Download Karsh Photographs Collection PDF
      • Melville and Arden Keay Collection (1926-1951) Press clippings, programs, correspondence and photographs documenting the careers of actress Arden Fortner Keay and her husband Melville Keay; director, costume designer, head of Hart House Theatre department and founder of the Toronto Repertory Theatre. Scrapbook (Photocopied facsimile) – 227 pages. 1 box containing 1 binder & 7 envelopes (+ interfiled photos); .45 metres  Download Keay, Melville and Arden Collection PDF
      • Geoffrey Keighley Collection (1922-1930) Photographs, programs, scrapbooks and posters documenting productions at the Hart House Theatre, various college of the University of Toronto, the Players’ Club and the Margaret Eaton School during the 1920s.  Mr. Keighley handled props or worked in stage management in various of these productions, especially those under Mr. Bertram Forsyth.  The collection includes several rough set sketches and some stage plots, prop lists, invoices for stage flats, and a note from Mr. Forsyth, together with a number of autographed programs. 1 box; 11 envelopes and scrapbook; 2 posters*; .065 linear metres Download Keighley, Geoffrey Collection PDF
      • Mary Kerr Collection (1960s–1991) Stage designs, notebooks, correspondence, photographs, slides, programs, articles and reviews documenting the career of Canadian designer Mary Kerr.  The collection includes material on her work in ballet, opera, television, theatre, film and exhibition design, with articles, lectures and commentary on her theories of design.  The scope of the collection begins with her work on student productions, and traces her development as an artist through productions for such major companies as the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Shaw Festival, Stratford Festival, Vancouver Playhouse and Canadian Stage Company, and alternative companies like Studio Lab Theatre and Buddies in Bad Times.11 boxes + stage designs, posters, slides; 2.48 linear metres Download Kerr, Mary Collection PDF

      • Charmion King Collection (1931-1983) Correspondence, photographs, programs, clippings and scrapbooks relating to the career of Toronto actress Charmion King (1925-    ).  Material includes her student acting at Hart House Theatre, early career in summer stock at the Woodstock Playhouse, Straw Hat Players, Niagara Falls Summer Theatre, and Bermudiana Repertory Theatre, in addition to the Garden Centre Theatre, tours with The Drunkard and There Goes Yesterday and work with the Crest Theatre and Stratford.  The majority of the items in the collection deal with her work before her marriage to actor/writer Gordon Pinsent, when she retired temporarily from the stage.  For information on her later career, see the clippings and fiche in the Performing Arts Centre. 1 box; 10 envelopes (1 oversize) and 3 scrapbooks (1 oversize); .63 linear metres Download King, Charmion Collection PDF


      • Lillie Langtry Collection (1864-1918) Photographs, programs, and engravings. 1 box; .07 metre; 39 items Download Langtry, Lillie Collection PDF
      • Cosette Lee Collection (1911; 1920-1976) Includes programs, press clippings, photographs, correspondence, scripts, elocution materials, business papers, documents from professional organizations, and miscellaneous memorabilia of the well known Canadian character actress (Toronto, 1910-1976) whose career on the stage, radio, television, and film extended over more than 50 years.3 boxes; 121 cm.; 812 items Download Lee, Cosette Collection PDF
      • Michael Levine Collection Photographs showing the work of Canadian stage designer Michel Levine for the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow; Hornchurch Theatre, London; English National Opera; Shaw Festival; National Ballet of Canada; CentreStage, Toronto; Canadian Opera Company; Royal Shakespeare Company; Geneva Opera; Théâtre Répère at the DuMaurier World Stage, Toronto, from 1982 through 1990. These production photographs compliment, in some instances, original stage designs held in the collection of the Performing Arts Centre. 16 envelopes; .065 linear metres Download Levine, Michael Collection PDF

      • Gweneth Lloyd Collection (1939-1977) Material relating to choreographer and dance teacher Gweneth Lloyd (1901-    ) and her years with the Winnipeg Ballet (later known as the Royal Winnipeg Ballet), the company she founded in 1939.  Includes correspondence, photographs, programs, clippings, scrapbooks, and miscellaneous items. 2 boxes; .63 linear metres  Download Lloyd, Gweneth Collection PDF
      • London Theatre Company Collection Part 1 (1947-48; 1951-1957) Weekly accounts, financial statements, posters, programs, press clippings and set designs of the London Theatre company, which presented six seasons of repertory theatre in St. John’s, Newfoundland from 1951 to 1957, including there tours through the Maritime provinces and Ontario from 1953 to 1956. Also includes box office returns (1947/48) of the Alexandra Theatre Company of Birmingham, England, the London Theatre Company’s immediate predecessor in St. John’s, Newfoundland. 2 boxes: 25 files; .26 metres. (+ interfiled items as noted). Download London Theatre Company Collection Part 1 PDF
      • London Theatre Company Collection, Part 2 “First typed draft, before any cuts or edits” of  A Thousand and One First Nights, the story of the London Theatre Company, written by its founder Leslie Yeo, published by Mosaic Press, Oakville Ontario 1998. The final published work is in the Performing Ars Centre catalogued as 792.02309 Y25 Y25. Approximately 50 pages of material were cut from the published text. 1 box: 4 folders; .075 metres Download London Theatre Company Collection, Part 2 PDF

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