Top Books of 2017 for Young Adults

January 8, 2018 | Alice

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Our Top Books

We read a lot around here, and the librarians who select books for the library love these ones:

One of us is Lying The 57 Bus The Nowhere Girls The End of Oz The Mosaic Hawkeye Anchor Points Orange

One of Us Is Lying, by Karen McManus – a deliciously tense thriller where everyone has secrets to hide, and reasons not to see them go up on the gossip app created by their now-dead classmate. But who stopped them from being posted? 

The 57 Bus, by Dashka Slater – described by one of our members as "a true account of how an agender youth became the victim of a senseless act of violence. A look at the effects this heinous crime had on the victim, perpetrator, family/friends and the community. A compelling read for those wanting to learn more about gender identity and the criminal justice system." I loved this book, as well, for its very balanced approach and in-depth look at some big issues. 

The Nowhere Girls, by Amy Reed – A small town steeped in rape culture gets shaken up when a new girl starts an anonymous group to gather all the girls together and start breaking down walls that keep them divided. This book does what I haven't seen often – lets you in on the interior lives of a huge range of girls, and shows how some have absorbed the culture that holds them back, as well as some who push against it.

The End of Oz, by Danielle Paige – this selector has been a huge fan of the whole Dorothy Must Die series, and was thrilled that the ending did not let him down. 

The Mosiac, by Nina Berkhout – a teen who is itching to get out of town. A vet with PTSD, prepping for disaster. When they meet and form a bond, she uncovers the secrets of his ghosts, and all certainties go out the window. 

Hawkeye: Anchor Points, by  Kelly Thompson – one of our resident graphic novel enthusiasts enjoyed this young female Hawkeye who kicks ass and keeps saving that Hawkeye's behind.

Orange, by Ichigo Takano – one of us just started this manga series about a letter full of accurate predictions this year and is now hooked. Could be for the romance element, could be for the sci fi... 

Your Top Books

According to our borrowing statistics, you were sticking with what you know this year, mostly. The 50 most borrowed books are by just 24 authors, with big, bestselling books and series of the last ten years dominating. Among those were five new books from this year:  

The Hate U Give King's Cage Carve the Mark Lord of Shadows Caraval

The Hate U Give shot to number four like a rocket past all those more expected titles, and with good reason. It's not only on everyone's lists, it's a phenomenal book.

Behind that came:

King's Cage is the new installation in the Red Queen series.

Carve the Mark is a new series starter from Veronica Roth, of Divergent fame.

Lord of Shadows is Cassandra Clare's latest.

Caraval is by another new name on the scene, Stephanie Garber. A thrilling tale about a fantastical game that threatens to sweep players away and get them far, far too involved. 

The Books You Wanted 

... but had to wait for is a whole other list:

The Hate U Give Turtles all the way Down The Book of Dust Always and Forever Lara Jean Once and For All One of us is Lying The Marrow Thieves

The Hate You Give

Turtles All the Way Down

The Book of Dust

Always and Forever, Lara Jean

Once and For All

One of Us is Lying

The Marrow Thieves

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