Teen Review: This Is Us

September 7, 2017 | Teen Blogger

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Review by Nazia
This is us posterNBC's This Is Us follows the story of a few characters who give the impression of being unrelated, however, as you delve deeper into the pilot episode, it becomes clear how connected the characters are.
The story is split into two different time frames - one being in the present, the other in the 80s. The story follows Kate (Chrissy Metz), a woman who has issues with her weight and body whilst looking for a life partner; her brother Kevin (Justin Hartley), an actor attempting to find a career he is truly happy with; a couple in the 80s (Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia) and their journey taking care of their triplets; and Randall (Sterling K. Brown), an established man trying to relocate his biological father. The plot/storyline is real and raw, shining light on issues such as body image, identity, adoption and much more - issues that many people today face in the real world, thus making this show quite relatable. There is so much depth to the characters, each being completely different. These differences, however, are what make each character so lovable and relatable. Their flaws (and problems) are what allow the viewers to empathize/sympathize with them and make each character's story very pertinent to the show. A major theme in the story is the importance of family and love. All together, the story makes viewers contemplate their own lives, especially the relationships we develop both romantically and in our families. The most interesting part regarding the series is how it'll give hints here and there of the ending or what will happen in the future; however, the main focus is the journey (and truthfully, that is the best part!). Ultimately, the show will make you feel so many different types of emotion, as it consists of humorous moments, sadness, joy and incredible twists viewers will not expect. The cast, dialogue, and plot are incredible. If you are looking for a show that will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions, This Is Us is for you!