Teen Review: The Red Pyramid

September 1, 2017 | Teen Blogger

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Review by Ibnat, age 14

The Red Pyramid by Rick RiordanThe Red Pyramid is a book written by Rick Riordan and the first book in the Kane Chronicles series. The book is about two siblings, Sadie and Carter. Their dad, Julius Kane, takes them  to the British Museum. But this nice trip soon turns into a horrific event for the both of them. Julius Kane, an Egyptologist, blows up the Rosetta Stone releasing five Egyptian gods. Set, an evil god, traps Julius in the tomb. Sadie and Carter’s uncle, Amos, takes them to New York and explains that they are part of a line of ancient Egyptian magicians. They learn that Set is planning to take over the world. Will they be able to save their dad and the world from Set’s evil plans?

I chose to read the graphic novel and that helped me understand the story much better. I could see the pictures and that made the story really vivid. The author wrote the story with a lot of detail. I was able to imagine what the characters were feeling like. The story is full of adventure and mystery. The story had many plot twists, which kept me wanting to read more.

I would recommend this book to someone who likes mythology. Since the book explains about Egyptian gods. But even if you are not interested in mythology the book has many things to offer.

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