Teen Review: Fallen

September 18, 2017 | Teen Blogger

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Fallen by Lauren KateReview by Marilyn

If Fantasy means fantasy dreamland, mysticism and imagination, then Lauren Kate has brought a whole different definition. 

Fallen is the type of fantasy novel that is completely unpredictable, and seems to only make you ask more questions as you go along to keep you turning pages. 

This novel doesn't only share a story of fallen angels but also of reincarnation and history behind the stories of the main characters. 

This specific book shares the story of a girl, Luce, with a tough past of surreal nightmares and an unbelievable murder of someone she cared about. There has always been something strange about shadows that seem to follow her around. A terrible accident that included those shadows leads her to a strict school for reform students. She finds herself undeniably attracted to Daniel. He's different. She only finds out why she's so obsessed when she finds out he's an angel – one who has been her lover over many centuries. 

I recommend for other teens to read this book if you're into fantasy and mystery. A new Y/A novel is on the rise and I'm glad I took the chance to read it.

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