Teen Review: Spider-Man Homecoming

August 1, 2017 | Teen Blogger

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Review by Eisha, age 13

The movie Spider-Man: Homecoming by Marvel Studios left us wanting for more, for the characters had grown on us, as had the movie's music and sound effects, that fit well in the scenes, and the combat between Spider-Man and his rivals — and, finally, the morality that Peter Parker exhibited. It was the type of movie that kept me entertained the whole while, nothing made it dull or boring, and I personally think it’s one of the best superhero movies so far.

Spider-Man Homecoming

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All the characters were relatable and each had something unique about him or her. Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, who is 21 in real life, acted as a 15-year-old and did it realistically. Everyone loved him, especially the girls in the auditorium who started to squeal and fan girl when he’d take off his shirt, showing his mighty abs. Not to mention the amazing American accent he pulled off, considering he has a British one in real life! I absolutely adore British accents, so finding out he really has one made me love him even more. Michelle, played by Zendaya, was by far my most favourite character during the movie. I love her on her Disney show “K.C. Undercover” so I immediately loved her in Spider-Man. She didn’t have a big role and didn’t say many lines, but she was hilarious. She is known as an outcast to Peter and Ned, and she admits she doesn’t have any friends. During a scene in gym class while others were doing workouts, all you see is Michelle reading a book, laying on the ground, while lifting her arms up and down as if she were really doing any exercise. She is relatable to me because I’d rather read than really do workouts. During the end of the movie, she is nominated as the Decathlon captain for next year, and she admits to Peter and Ned that her friends call her “MJ.” But didn’t she say at the beginning that she didn’t have any friends? Some believe she could possibly be Mary Jane Watson, who would be Peter’s future girlfriend. This leaves an unsolved mystery which makes me love her character. Ned, played by Jacob Batalon was probably the funniest character in the movie. He was Peter’s only friend and the first who found out his secret of being Spider-Man. When he found out, Peter was crawling up on his ceiling, sneaking into his room. Little did he know, Ned was there the whole time, who dropped the Lego structure he had and stared in shock. During a party, Peter wanted to be himself, but Ned said something along the lines of, “Nobody wants that!” which made others and I laugh. Throughout the movie, he told no one of Peter’s secret, although he desperately wanted to so their social status would be better. He remained a loyal friend and helped Peter with secret missions. I’d want a friend like Ned because finding one like him is so hard nowadays.

Secondly, when Spider-Man would face his enemies, it left my friends and I in astonishment because of his skills and web-slinging powers. My friends would gasp or react in a certain way, it was fun watching with them. In the battle between Spider-Man and the Vulture, they kept attacking and defending each other, you didn't know who would have won — especially when the plane crashed and they had one last battle in the flames as both were on the brink of death. I was continuously nervous for the characters, especially for Peter, because I didn’t want to see him die. The movie was unpredictable and I didn’t know that to expect next.

Lastly, the message that Peter has taught us in the movie is inspiring. When Tony Stark took away the Spider-Man suit from Peter because he was too reckless, Peter gave up because he was NOTHING without it, and it was all he had. He was known was the "loser" in school and was determined to impress his crush, Liz, with the fact that he was friends with Spider-Man, who she very much adored. However, when fighting the Vulture in his old, non-upgraded suit, heavy debris fell on him. He was about to die, being hopeless without his new suit, but then he saw his reflection and believed he WAS Spider-Man, with or without the suit. This allowed him to lift the debris off of him, to finally go and defeat the Vulture. Not only does this show determination and hope in yourself, but the fact that we shouldn't be defined by what we have on the outside, but what we have on the inside. Peter thought he was nothing without his suit, but that didn't define him as Spider-Man. It was his heart that did, for his love and need to protect and save others in distress. If I were in his position, I would’ve accepted the offer. It was what I had wanted from the beginning, and I was going to be rich and famous. Who wouldn’t want that? I understand Peter’s perspective because he’s just a kid, and maybe nearly dying put some sense into his head that he should quit doing all these dangerous things.

I think Peter developed as a character throughout the movie. At the beginning, he was some kid who didn't have the courage to talk to his crush. I can relate with that, since in the past I wasn’t really the best with talking to others. As he developed more as Spider-Man, it gave him strength and boosted his self-esteem. He ended up asking Liz to prom, which took him a lot of guts to do so. Peter learned to make mature choices as well. At the end of the movie, Tony Stark offered him back with a brand new, fully upgraded suit. Peter, who was anticipating a call from them at the beginning, waiting to start his "mission" could have had the chance to do so. However, he made the mature choice and politely declined, saying he wanted to lay back for a while and be a teenager.

Overall, the movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming” was amazing, not only for the storyline and plot twists, the enjoyable characters, the action and combat scenes, the music, the script… but for everything about the movie. I usually watch movies or read books that involve fantasy or science-fiction, like Harry Potter, but this is definitely a movie a teenager my age would enjoy. I’d rate it five stars out of five stars, so thank you, Marvel, for producing such a great movie.