Teen Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events

August 31, 2017 | Teen Blogger

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Review by Ashley 😊, member of the Cedarbrae Youth Advisory Group.

The Bad Beginning  by Lemony SnicketHi everyone! So today I'm doing a review on the books and the TV show called A Series Of Unfortunate Events. In the TV show, they portray the storyline as something that's supposed to be a comedy. In the books, however, it's more of a mysterious, murderous kind of feel.

The sets and effects in the show are something that you'd be imagining whilst you were reading the books, and that's something I really enjoy about the TV show. However, they add extra things that not needed. For example how the Baudelaire parents are going to find the lost children and what they're going through, but in the books you never know that part because you think that the parents are dead.

For the characters, however, I think they did an OK job on matching what you'd be picturing whilst reading the books to how they made the characters in the TV show. I mean, the actors are still children so you wouldn't really expect all that from them in their acting skills, but with those expectations they're alright. For some characters though, they'd be pictured as something completely different and that's something I don't like about the show.

Everything in the books is pretty close to the TV show. However, the Netflix jokes that happen should be cut. I understand the series was made by Netflix but the series is Unfortunate Events and the jokes in the show just throw everything off from the main story. Because of this, I like the books better and recommend them. Although there are 13 books, it's much better because everything is stuck to the storyline and the mystery and main point stays the same through the whole series.

Sometimes characters look completely different then they'd be described in the show from the books, so again, the books are better imaginative wise. Overall, I think the TV show is good, but I think the book series is great. So I'd recommend the book series to anyone that found an interest in the show.

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