Teen Review: Deryni Rising

July 12, 2017 | Teen Blogger

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Review by Aidan

Deryni Rising  by Katherine KurtzImagine the land of King Arthur, then weave within its past and future a mystical race of sorcerers – the Deryni. This is the land of Gwynedd. It is the year 1120 and Gwynedd has plunged into darkness through the murder of its king, Brion Haldane. Now his son Kelson must do battle against the evil Shadowed One, a full Deryni sorceress, and her pawns for the royal throne. To defeat her, Kelson must enlist the help of his allies – Alaric Morgan, a half Deryni general, and Morgan's priest cousin Duncan McLain. However, it soon becomes clear that Kelson must inherit Brion's magical capabilities to defeat Charissa, the Shadowed One; and Kelson, Morgan and McLain must embark on a hunt for Brion's power, while evading Charissa's dogged attempts to foil them. Will they make it?

Read Deryni Rising, by Katherine Kurtz, to find out!