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Teen Review - The Orange Grove

March 27, 2017 | Teen Blogger | Comments (0)

Reviewed by Kisanth, member of the Cedarbrae Youth Advisory Group

The orange grove  by larry tremblayThe novel, The Orange Grove written by Larry Tremblay, revolves around twins named Amed and Aziz who are living in a small town in the Middle East, where bombings are a daily occurrence. A tragedy strikes the family when the twin’s grandparents die in bombings. The family decides to take revenge for the death. They come to a decision that one of the twins will train to be a suicide bomber and bomb the other side of the mountain from where the bombs have been thrown at them. Since Aziz is sick and cannot be cured, he cannot be the chosen one. Instead, Amed becomes the chosen one. Aziz didn't want go because he has a fear of death and his mother, Tamara, too does not want him to go either. Tamara plants an idea in Amed that will be life changing for both him and Aziz.

The part of the book that was interesting to me was when Amed tells his uncle that he wants to be an actor. His uncle encourages him saying that he can do anything his heart desires.

I would recommend this to everyone because it is a very interesting book as the plot takes unexpected turns and twists. Even though this book is very emotional, it is also very good and a fascinating story to tell other people.

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