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Teen Review - The Leveller

March 22, 2017 | Teen Blogger | Comments (0)

Review by Asifa, Cedarbrae Youth Advisory Group member

The leveller  by julia durangoThe Leveller is a novel about a game that allows a person to play with their minds in a virtual-reality gaming world while they are asleep, or in a sleep-like state. The protagonist of the book, Nixy Bauer, is a girl whose job is to bring kids back from the virtual-reality game if they have been in it for too long. When the game’s developer (who, mind you is quite rich) finds out that his son has decided to “commit suicide” by staying in the game, he decides that Nixy should be the one to go after his son and take him out of the gaming world. Turns out, the guy is actually stuck in the game and cannot get out. It’s up to Nixy and the boy to figure out how to get out of the gaming world.

In my opinion this book has a lot of potential. The plot line is amazing but I feel like the author could have worked on the book a bit more. The plot twist would have been amazing - that is if there was a bit more information. The book leaves off with a lot of unanswered questions, making the story very incomplete. There is a basic mini happy ending but it leaves out all the other parts. It’s been two years and the second book still hasn’t come out, which I found out after I finished reading the book. Really, seeing the second book will be interesting because I want to know how the author can make an entire book two with the type of ending she had.  

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