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Teen Review - The Art of Not Breathing

March 17, 2017 | Teen Blogger | Comments (0)

Reviewed by Dawes Road Youth Advisory Group member Marilyn

The art of not breathing  by Sarah alexanderThe Art of Not Breathing, written beautifully by Sarah Alexander, is a lot like the Art of letting go. This book tells a story of a girl's best friend, her twin brother, in a devastating incident. Through all the challenges Elsie, the protagonist, and her family face she still tries to reach her brother and forever let go. Even after her brother was physically gone from her life, she always felt that he was right next to her at all times. Through struggles of growing up herself, Elsie starts to get used to bad habits after her brothers death. When she finds someone to show her a better passion of free- diving, her whole world changes, and she finds a way to reach her brother for one last time to say goodbye.

Elsie uncovers the mysteries and truths of the day that her brother died, and struggles to hold on to reality, as her entire family break apart.

This novel grabbed my attention and kept me turning pages, because it's describes what's real and what's not. It speaks to me and shows me that even going through the many challenges and dark times of life, light can be found, you just have to swim to the surface. It's an incredibly deep novel in terms of connections to people you have in your life, and an alluring page-turner.

Place a hold on The Art of Not Breathing, by Sarah Alexander or read the ebook.


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