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July 13, 2014 | Margaret

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We Were Liars
I consider myself well read in quite a few different genres: I devour sci-fi, fantasy, horror and romance novels equally.  My favourites, however, are suspense and mystery novels. I'm always on the look out for a great new read. Quite honestly, it takes a lot for me to be really surprised by a book, to be shocked and delighted and scratch my head after I've read it.  It's a great feeling, and this is why I loved reading e. lockhart's We Were Liars so much!  I was literally thinking "what the heck just happened here?" at the end of the book.  So much so, that I had to go back and re-read it with my new found knowledge.  You may see this twist coming, but I sure didn't! 

The Sinclair family is an established New England family: rich, dysfunctional, entitled.  Cousins Johnny, Mirren and narrator Cadence, plus outsider Gat Patil (collectively know as 'the Liars')  spend each summer on the family's secluded island paradise relaxing and having fun. Years pass, the cousins get older, their parents and grandparents drift further apart and then a tragedy happens.  Something horrible, that Cadence has blocked from her memory enirely. As the final summer at the Sinclair Island unfolds, Cadence slowly starts to piece things together, with the help of the Liars.  Reminiscent of the Shakespearean tragedy King Lear, and brining in Fairy Tale elements, E. Lockhart has created a truly spell-binding, suspenseful stand-alone read.  Great for kicking back on the beach or in the lounge chair on a sunny afternoon, We Were Liars will keep you riveted!

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