Help for the Haunted: Book of the week March 17th 2014

March 17, 2014 | Cameron

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Is there any help for the haunted? John Searles ask this question in his third book (which is an Alex Award Winner 2014) with the title "Help for the Haunted". Sylvie Mason is not your typical teenager, first she is the legal guardian of her moody and unpredictable older sister. Her parents were ghost hunters who were murdered as she waited for them in the car. Sylvie believes she knows who the killer is, but a few weeks before the trial is to begin she realizes that she is not as sure as she once thought she was.


Sylvie leaves it up to herself to pursue this mystery and to try to find out all the secrets of her parents lives and to discover if they were actually able to help people who were haunted by ghosts? Sylvie herself feels haunted by the memory of her parents. She is tormented at school and her sister is frustrating and lacks any empathy toward the situation the girls are in. Also who is the mysterious person that keeps leaving food on their porch? And what ever happned to their Uncle who was supposed to come to be their legal guardian? As Sylvie goes on the search for these answers she hopes she will be able to remember who it was that she saw in the church that night her parents died.